Thursday Already?

Wow, I must say, the week has blown by for me. I am looking forward to another few days off.

I have been playing around with WordPress lately. I still am entertaining the idea of moving my blog to another host, basically hosting my blog myself. Setting up WordPress from scratch seems to be pretty strait forward for me. My test environment is on an Ubuntu Linux Server, which happens to be running as a Virtual Machine on a VMware ESXi Host. Yes, I like to get all techie with it. Anyway, being that I have not used the install version very much, I am finding that there is a learning curve to get past. So, it will take me a little more time to understand how to personalize a theme to my liking. At least I will learn something new and have a little fun with it.

That’s all for today, folks…


4 responses to “Thursday Already?

  1. The techie in me is smiling. Sounds fun! Play away.

  2. Have fun!

    Certain web hosts, themselves, offer WP. Dreamhost, for instance does just that, and so does GoDaddy. So, even if you have your own domain, WP is often the choice for theme foundations.

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