Another Week Begins

Hello everyone, I have to admit, I had a busy weekend. Saturday was all about grocery shopping and a nice lunch with the family. Sunday was all about moving around my son’s room to incorporate a full size bed. Yes, my son is moving to a big boy’s bed so we can prepare the crib for his brother, who will be here before we know it. Plus, it was kind of over due, he could not wait to go to sleep in his new bed last night. We did put up bed rails to help keep him from rolling off.

The picture above was taken on my frozen stroll mid-day Sunday. I think the temp was about 11 degrees, not the warmest temp but better than the last couple of days. I actually did real well with my walking (if that is what they call it, it kind of a modified walk now). I shaved about a minute off my time from the route that I take from my house. I am getting stronger and my performance during my road work is apparently showing it. Fitness trainers recommend interval training to build strength and endurance and I have to say, it really works. I have been doing my interval training during the week on my dreadmill and then doing my road work on the weekend. It is a slow process but I have been seeing improvements.

Have a great week everyone!


2 responses to “Another Week Begins

  1. On your dreadmill – I like that new name for the horrendous piece of equipment that it is!

    Have a good week!

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