Friday Ramblings

A Late one at that…

Hello everyone, hope your week was not too bad.

This week has been a difficult one for me emotionally. The internet is not a very friendly place sometimes, with all the social sites we have. I still visit and contribute to a site called UMCommunities which is for people that belong to the United Methodist Church. Actually, I was a member of this sit way before I made the decision to go down the path of Judaism. I have made good friends there and I want to still hang out with them. Thankfully, they respect my faith direction and I respect theirs.

Anyway, last weekend one of the major players on the site made a comment that Christianity was superior to Judaism and that his religion completed Judaism because Jesus was the Messiah. I am not here to dispute the fact that Jesus was the Christian Messiah. For what it is worth, I can respect that this is the Christian belief. However, Jews believe in G-d in a very different way, which does make it very hard to reconcile the differences.

Personally, even though I am not a Jew, I have a tough time not being angry at a person that would make such a flamboyant statement. Yes, history has shown that this kind of behavior is nothing new, but that still does not make me anymore comfortable when someone makes such a comment.

What do I do? It is a little late for me to address this person. Sometimes I even wonder if it is my place to do so. Maybe I should ask my Rabbi what would be best for the Jewish community and myself when face to face with people who make these kinds of comments. What are your thoughts?


My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti. It is my wish that the survivors and others who lost family members and friends will find piece after this horrific tragedy.


Well, try to have a decent weekend everyone, in spite of the grim news coming out of Haiti.

Shabbat Shalom!


5 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. I’m thinking it’s too bad you only seem to get a chance to write on Fridays, when I need to light candles shortly right before Shabbat!

    Quick comment – why react so strongly to this person’s statement? I do the same thing to others (react inwardly), but on totally different topics than this one.

    Yes, I feel for the people in Haiti. It’s a hard world for many people.

  2. If the person you are faced with seems to need an answer, then for me, what works is: “We can agree to disagree”. If that doesn’t work, then just let them know you don’t want to discuss it any further.

    Haiti…such a tragedy.

  3. Agh. I find it interesting that I personally am willing to respect all kinds of religions, faiths, beliefs and creeds, but others seem to have a very blinkered view of the world.

    I am willing to stand up for myself, my faith and the community(ies) that I now represent, but in the face of situations like that, I am not going to waste my breath, since the other person’s mind is already made up. I agree with Jew Wishes’ approach – and then I can invest my energies in dealing with things that I can change.

    Haiti – I’ve written nothing about it, but not because I don’t care – I don’t know what to say quite now. Feeling powerless in the face of such tragedy is mind-numbing.

    • “I’ve written nothing about it, but not because I don’t care – I don’t know what to say quite now. Feeling powerless in the face of such tragedy is mind-numbing.” – Rachel, I have the same reaction. I may post links to some uplifting stories. Just to help with that powerless feeling.

  4. Thanks Y’all for commenting. 🙂 I have been busy chasing around a two year old full of energy. I will try to respond to some of the comments tonight or Monday.

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