Sunday Musings

Yesterday was the first weekend of the Halfwits training for me. Usually, the training run starts at 7am but my friend (coworker also) was starting at 6am, so I started early also. I think that was better anyway. Compared to the groups running pace, right now, I am the tortoise. When the routes get longer, they will start catching up with me even with the early start.

The other day I wrote a comment saying how running in a group was helpful. Who am I kidding?  Until I decide to start running, I fill never truly fit in. I think when I wrote the comment I was thinking of my cycling days, when I did ride with a pretty large group every weekend. During those days riding in the group was a lot of fun and very helpful when it came to training. Unfortunately, what I do now is much different than my cycling days.

Anyway, I did have fun yesterday and will continue to train weekends on Halfwits training routes and get myself ready for the half marathon.


Allow me a second to rant. I have been in a few conversations about Haiti and I keep hearing the same theme of why our government is giving money to help Haiti when nobody would help use. First, I was actually shocked that a person would think or say such a thing. I told these people that I am all for helping the Haitians with everything they need. I feel that we might as well dissolve as a nation if we start lacking compassion like these few people I had a conversation with. This kind of lack of compassion is truly sad, these people should be ashamed of themselves.

My thoughts and prayers still go out to the Haitian people. It is my wish that aid comes to them faster than humanely possible. The Haitians need a miracle. The news coming out of Haiti is exhausting and heartbreaking.


6 responses to “Sunday Musings

  1. “keep hearing the same theme of why our government is giving money to help Haiti when nobody would help use” – can you elaborate? Not sure what they are trying to say.

    I think we can and should help other countries; at the same time, it is OK to set limits to the amount of help offered. Many people around the world could use help, and our resources are not endless.

    • Hi Leora, as I look back at what I wrote, I am not sure that what I wrote even makes sense. 🙂

      Anyway, I think it is more of a “What has my country done for me lately” kind of thing. Meaning, why are we giving money to aid other countries when there are needs here. I actually kind of agree that we need to take care of our own, but not to a point of selfishness. To only be concerned with our own tragedies and turning our backs on our neighbor’s tragedies seems wrong. Unfortunately, that his how I perceived the conversation.

      I agree with your take on aid. Unfortunately, I wish there was more money to go around to help people in need.

      • In my next life, James, I am going to be a philanthropist with tons of money who gets to decide to help lots of people, some of whom may not be the obviously needy…

        From a non-altruistic view point, we take care of others so they don’t become a problem to us. As you may know, this doesn’t always work so well. But that’s why nations in Africa might get ignored while people in, say, Iraq might get more funding.

  2. I have no words. Except I too would like to come back as a rich philanthropist in my next life, should there ever be such a thing.

  3. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the victims, whether deceased or alive.

  4. Thanks for the visit, James.

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