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Friday Ramblings

Well, this has been an interesting week. I wrote my Rabbi and he is ether not available or disregarding me. I have been on a rollercoaster ride emotionally writing “Out of the Ashes (Part2)”. I am finding that religion and I do not get along sometimes, imagine that. Lastly, had a pretty good start of the week health wise, but not doing that well the last two days. So, I have not gotten much walking in.

With all that said, I had a great day with my children yesterday. Our daycare provider had to take a few days off to go too a charity meeting in another state. My wife has no vacation at the moment because it was all used during her maternity leave, so that left me or try to find some one to watch them. Actually, I am more than capable of taking care of them; therefore taking the day off was a no brainer. I am so glad that I did.

Anyway, not much time today to ramble, sorry. However, I wanted to get this posted to give everyone well wish for the weekend and for a good Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!!!


I Need a New Path

I hope everyone is doing well today.

I decided that it has been a while since I wrote to the Rabbi that I was hoping would help me through conversion too Judaism. So, yesterday I wrote him a email and told him I was doing OK and some other stuff. I was hoping for a response back but have not gotten any. However, I have not gotten any responses from him since the incident last year. Hopefully I am wrong, but I have this over welling feeling that I have “burnt my bridges” with this rabbi. If I get no response again, I think I will just leave it be. Frankly, I have probably wasted enough of the man’s time anyway.

I wish G-d would present a path for me to convert too Judaism. Because, it seems the path that I have tried has not been that helpful. Anyway, maybe I should save this for “Out of the Ashes (Part2)”, which is coming. I am using this series of posts to catch everyone up on what has been going on in my life.

Thanks for coming back, BTW. I definitely appreciate the support and friendship.

Friday Ramblings

Well, I think it is time to start up Friday Ramblings again on my blog. I figured, why stop tradition.

Anyway, this is week 14 of my marathon training. I have an 18 mile training walk on Sunday to end my training for this week. Boy, the training miles are becoming some what epic. I am not too worried about it though. I did fairly well last weekend when I did 17 miles. My mileage for this week should be around 27 miles and about 7 hours of training time. The scheduled mileage was supposed to be 32 miles but I shortened my weekday mileage. This is due to taking 4 weeks off in June to recover from a really bad cold. My body is a little behind and is not ready for that kind of weekly mileage yet. However, I kept the weekend long walk unchanged but lowered the pace. The long walk on the weekends is so important that I thought I would try to take my chances and keep to the schedule.

That is pretty much what is on my mind for today. I have been feeling good today. Actually, I just realized that.

Have a great weekend everyone, Shabbat Shalom!!!

Out of the Ashes! (Part1)

Yes, I am taking this blog out of the ashes. It has been awhile since I have posted here. As I look back at the last post written here on January 22, 2010, I see that I had written about my new hobby of walking. Well I actually did walk in the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon and I surpassed my pace goal of a 14 minute mile by doing a 13:30 average. I had an awesome time and I did really well, even impressing myself.

These days I have my sites on walking a full marathon. As of this writing, I am on week 14 of a 24 week training schedule too get myself ready for my first marathon in October. Unfortunately, these 14 weeks have not come without some major difficulties. Two weeks after doing Lincoln Memorial Half in April, I started my 24 week training and noticed that I was having a tough time breathing. I was starting to get progressively worse as the weeks went on. Last year this same thing happened in the spring but it went away after a few weeks. I do not know how I did it but I soldiered through it in hopes that it would go away.

In June, I started having the usual massive sinus attacks. Unlike all the others, this went strait to the lungs and gave me a severe cold. I am truly not a person who visits the doctor’s office much, but this was pretty bad and I needed help. Plus, it was affecting my training even worse than it already was. The doctor at urgent care prescribed me antibiotics and a rescue inhaler. I did get over the cold in short order though, thank goodness for that because it was painful. Furthermore, I was supposed to take two puffs on the inhaler ever 6 hours. As I followed the prescription, I noticed that my training was so much better, almost like a switch was flipped. Even my daily life was improving. As I said before, I am not the going to the doctor kind of person but I was in a dilemma. The inhaler was only going to last a month at the current dosage and I had no refills on it. So, I broke down and visited my primary doctor who I haven’t visited in maybe a decade. Boy, I was surprised that he would have taken me back as a patient, but he did. I am so grateful for that.

My primary doctor ordered a few test including the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). I had to go to the hospital to have the PFT done. I have to admit, the PFT was brutal for me. The prerequisite for the test is not using the inhaler 6 hours prior to the test. So, when I went for the test. I was having a pretty bad day in the breathing department. During the test, it became obvious that I was failing miserably. After the test I had to wait almost two weeks for my doctor to get the results. In the mean time, my primary doctor prescribed me another rescue inhaler because the other one was almost gone. Whew, I was sure glad to get that prescription filled.

Well, after the two weeks of waiting. My doctor referred me to a Pulmonologist so that I can be official diagnosed. Shockingly, my appointment was not until October, but they put me on a waiting list. I almost had a panic attack when I saw the appointment. Anyway, there must have been a cancelation because I had appointment two days later, whew. I was really fretting over having to wait that long. Although, why such a rush now? I mean, I have sat on this issue for three months and now I want to rush. Frankly, I was hoping it would go away but I was not so lucky.

The day finally arrived and I had a great visit with the doctor. I was official diagnosed with moderate to severe asthma and was put on a management plan. I have an inhaler that I take every twelve hours and it has been really helpful. I have been on this medication for a week now and I have been breathing pretty well. The great thing is that I have not needed the rescue inhaler since I started the twelve hour inhaler. I go back to the Pulmonologist for a breathing test and a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks, hopefully he is happy with my progress.

Personally, I have been kind bummed about being diagnosed with asthma. Seeing that it has only been a week, I am still kind of cranky about it. I guess it will take time to get a grip on this. I feel sorry for my family and friends who have been listening to me whine about this. Nevertheless, asthma is a chronic lung disease and I would rather spend another forty three years with out it. Yeah, I am fretting over it still, sorry.

Boy, I have been long winded about my health issues. This ends part one, I am think I am going to do part 2 about my faith in God and my religious status. That seems to be another area that is a little messy, go figure.

Thanks for getting this far…I will be back with part two.