Friday Ramblings

Well, I think it is time to start up Friday Ramblings again on my blog. I figured, why stop tradition.

Anyway, this is week 14 of my marathon training. I have an 18 mile training walk on Sunday to end my training for this week. Boy, the training miles are becoming some what epic. I am not too worried about it though. I did fairly well last weekend when I did 17 miles. My mileage for this week should be around 27 miles and about 7 hours of training time. The scheduled mileage was supposed to be 32 miles but I shortened my weekday mileage. This is due to taking 4 weeks off in June to recover from a really bad cold. My body is a little behind and is not ready for that kind of weekly mileage yet. However, I kept the weekend long walk unchanged but lowered the pace. The long walk on the weekends is so important that I thought I would try to take my chances and keep to the schedule.

That is pretty much what is on my mind for today. I have been feeling good today. Actually, I just realized that.

Have a great weekend everyone, Shabbat Shalom!!!


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Well-done!
    So glad that you are feeling good. Have a great Shabbat, however you choose to celebrate it.

  2. Bravo for you!

    I am glad you feel well!

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