I Need a New Path

I hope everyone is doing well today.

I decided that it has been a while since I wrote to the Rabbi that I was hoping would help me through conversion too Judaism. So, yesterday I wrote him a email and told him I was doing OK and some other stuff. I was hoping for a response back but have not gotten any. However, I have not gotten any responses from him since the incident last year. Hopefully I am wrong, but I have this over welling feeling that I have “burnt my bridges” with this rabbi. If I get no response again, I think I will just leave it be. Frankly, I have probably wasted enough of the man’s time anyway.

I wish G-d would present a path for me to convert too Judaism. Because, it seems the path that I have tried has not been that helpful. Anyway, maybe I should save this for “Out of the Ashes (Part2)”, which is coming. I am using this series of posts to catch everyone up on what has been going on in my life.

Thanks for coming back, BTW. I definitely appreciate the support and friendship.


10 responses to “I Need a New Path

  1. I can’t say being Jewish is easy… but I’ll be happy to read your blog posts and listen to your ideas and thoughts.

    • Thanks for stopping by and your friendship, Leora. I think I am going to do one more post on my religious status and stop whining after that.

      BTW, you sure have a wonderful blog. 🙂

  2. I don’t see your posts as whines. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the subject.
    Are there other rabbis where you live?

    • Thanks Ilanadavita!

      Yes, there is another rabbi where I live. I have actually met him a few times already but only had a quick conversation with him. He serves the Conservative community here. When I first started my quest to Judaism, I was pretty Liberal when it came to religion. So, I was a little intimidated by them. Instead I went to the Reform rabbi in my neighborhood thinking that was the best match for me. I definitely like the Reform Temple but it seems the rabbi is not interested in me or understanding of my situation. All I have every wanted is someone to respect my situation and work with me. Yeah, my situation is a tad unusual, but there has to be a way. I am definitely not giving up hope.

      • If you find that your leanings are towards a more traditional kind of Judaism, you might find yourself more at home in a Conservative community.
        In addition they don’t require the spouse to convert, which makes things easier for some folks.

  3. I think you might be right, Ilanadavita. It has been a few years now and I am not so intimidated by the more traditional Judaism anymore. So, I probably would feel at home in the Conservative community.

  4. You might surprise yourself and feel very comfortable in the Conservative community. It is worth a try.

    I’m glad you are back to blogging. Missed your ramblings.

  5. Absolutely give it a try. Converting (I think) requires that you have a good relationship with your rabbi, because they will at times see you at your most vulnerable. If you can’t trust him or her to the extent that you need, then you need to look for a different way.

    And I don’t believe that you have been whining at all. Blogging is a great place to write out your thoughts, concerns, hopes and fears. I know it has helped me greatly in this respect.

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