Rabbi Email and some Musing

Is it Monday all ready? Where did the weekend go? I have to admit, the weekend went so fast for me that I almost do not remember it. Anyway, some good news, I received an email from my Rabbi. It seems that I have given into paranoia and have speculated a little too much, but I wouldn’t be James if I didn’t (LOL). Everything has been fine all along so I worried for nothing. I think I would have been heart broken if my paranoia where true. I really like my Rabbi.

He did mention the High Holy Days in the email and wished me a happy new year in advance. That reminds me, how am I going to celebrate? I mean, it would be a no brainer if I was actually celebrating it with the community, but not sure I can. So, I need to find a way to have religious expression privately and still be spiritually uplifting. Sounds like I need to do some reading and studying. If there is a will, there is a way. By the way, I am always open for suggestions.


Training is progressing well for the marathon. I did not get much mileage in last week and it was a cutback week anyway. Trainers put in cutback weeks so that a persons body can recover a little bit. I am on a 24 week schedule and could not imagine going full steam the whole time without a little rest. So, on my training schedule, cutback week is every third week. On that week, mileage is usually reduced quite a bit and it is suggested that the pace be non-stressful and comfortable. Do to not feeling to well, I ended the week only doing the long walk on Sunday, which was 13 miles.  A little disappointed, but I am following the advice of my doctor and not pushing it until my asthma is under control. So, if I do not feel good, I take the day off from training. Heck, I am so far behind with me fitness level anyway, what is one more day of missed training going to hurt? I figured I would walk this marathon and not worry about pace or a goal time, just finish the darn thing and get my medal. Since the marathon has a more than generous closing time, I am not worried about making it too the finish line before it closes. However, do not get me wrong, if I could get a finish time of 6 hours 20 minutes I would be a happy camper. I guess I will find out in eight weeks.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


10 responses to “Rabbi Email and some Musing

  1. Wow – you really sound as if you are putting in lots of very scheduled time for your training. It reminds me of when I was training for my 60 mile charity bike ride….

    As for the rabbi – that’s great news – I too indulge in a lot of this sort of paranoia! Managing your spiritual journey over the High Holy Days whilst not being at a shul – that will be really interesting to hear about.

  2. Glad about your answer from the rabbi.
    As for books I can send you suggestions when I am home in a few days and have a desxent internet connection and can type on a proper keyboard rather rhan on my phone.

  3. There will be a live Kol Nidre Service aired on the Jewish TV Network, for those unable to attend. JTN…http://www.jewishtvnetwork.com/highHolidays/

    They have aired this the past few years, and it is awesome to watch and listen to.

  4. I’m glad you heard back from your rabbi–especially if he’s one you like.

    Why can’t you observe the Yamim Nora’im with a community? Is there a shul you like? At mine in the US, we were used to having people in the process of conversion come to shul for everything–Shabbat, holidays, activities, etc. They didn’t get aliyot or make kiddush for the community until after their dunking, but they were accepted for everything short of that. That’s how you know if the religion is right for you, how to come up with questions for the rabbi or your other teachers, how to begin connecting with other Jews and with Hashem. (In fact, my rabbi told me I was expected to have near-perfect shul attendance, probably to show a high level of commitment. If I’d stayed away, it might have given the impression that I wasn’t serious.) I hope you’ve been made to feel welcome where you are.

    • Hi Shimshonit, to answer to your question, it is my wife. She has a bad case of xenophobia. She has threatened me repeatedly to stop my pursuit of Judaism. The problem has gotten much worse since being investigated by the FBI last year for taking a picture of a Shul. Furthermore, she is supposed to be a member of the United Methodist Church but I have rarely heard her express a faith in G-d or be religiously observant.

      If it where up to me, I would have near perfect attendance at my Shul. They have always made me feel welcomed there and I have always felt that this is the place I need to be. I have attended enough already to know that I never felt the peace in church that I have found going to Shul.

      Anyway, I still read books on Judaism and lay them around in plain site at home. I am not going to stop studying and if she doesn’t ask, I going to keep it to myself and not tell. Yes, I have been a little codependent when it comes to this issue. Instead of putting my foot down and not giving in to her irrationality, I instead cower and say “Yes Dear”. Frankly, a lot of this is my fault because I do that. To be even more honest, I feel that it is not necessary to uproot my whole life to join the religion I love. I think she is being unreasonable and I see little reason for it to affect our marriage.

      That is why this whole thing is messy, I truly hate it.

      • You have my heartfelt sympathy, juggling so many core issues in your life as you do. You are not the only person who has to strike a delicate balance between your marriage and a desire to branch off into Judaism without your partner, but it cannot be easy for anyone. I have no advice to give on that; I’m sure Hashem will help you find your way, whichever direction it leads.

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