Constantine’s Sword and a Rant

Last week I watched a documentary from Oren Jacoby called “Constantine’s Sword”. The documentary was about a former priest who came to grips with the fact that the Christian Church has ties to anti-Judaism and war. He actually left the church because he could not reconcile the things that he was supposed to be committed too. I thought the documentary was pretty good and worth the time to watch.

I think what stuck out to me the most is the arrogance that some Christian leaders have. Many times during the film, they would turn to a now disgraced pastor named Ted Haggard. Mr. Haggard seems to think that it is OK to proselytize young impressionable students in a military academy even when it turns oppressive. He even, some what put in to play, that Christians face religious persecution because some want these Evangelicals to stop. Yes, he feels that it is his right of “Freedom of Religion” to aggressively convert all non-Christians.

Frankly and this is where my rant begins, what a classic case of projection. Harp about religious freedom in America but turn around and suppress someone else’s freedoms to their own religion. I do not think Christian organization would take too kindly if another religion came to the military academy and started too aggressively proselytize Christians. It looks to me like a double standard here. Sometimes I wish Christians would listen to themselves a little bit. They could find out that they may not like their message that entire well; at least that is what happened to me.

Personally, I don’t particularly like religious people who aggressively try to convert people to their religion, especially when they have their own faith and religion and are happy with it. Doesn’t that seem kind of rude? It sure seems that way to me.

In closing, I think there is room for all of use to be understanding of each other and reconcile our vast differences. For me, the Tower of Babel story in the Hebrew Bible illustrates the dangers of exclusiveness. It looks like G-d needed to introduce diversity into our lives so that we would come to our senses. Yes, I would like everyone to be like me but in the end that would not be helpful. I am human and I don’t always get things right or even do the right thing. So, having someone who thinks differently to listen too and to learn from is a good thing. Believe it or not, I sometimes agree with the views of those pesky Christians.


One response to “Constantine’s Sword and a Rant

  1. I’ve often regretted that a large part of the mission of traditional Christianity is to proselytize, especially to Jews. I think your Tower of Babel analogy is an apt one, and all the easier for me to accept given how much traditional Judaism demands of people; I really don’t think it’s for everyone.

    I still haven’t read Constantine’s Sword. I must be one of the last people who hasn’t!

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