Weekend Wrap UP

It’s Monday, back to the daily grind again.

I had a great weekend. Saturday, the family and I had two picnics, one in the back yard and the other at the park. On Sunday, I got up really early and got my mileage in of 15 miles. Then after that, I was not feeling that great so I took it as easy as I could. My oldest son went to his Aunt’s house for the afternoon and I took care of the little one while my wife got some notes done for her work. Plus, we did a little straitening of the house and laundry. Like I said, I “tried” to take it easy on Sunday.

Anyway, have a great week everyone.


4 responses to “Weekend Wrap UP

  1. Take things easy and make sure you get the rest your body needs.

    • Will Do!!! I only train three days a week. I need to have rest days in between. Yes, this training is really stressful on my body, so I work hard to minimize the risks. Sadly, my asthma has not been that much of a friend to me.

  2. You need to listen to your body, James…hear me??!!

    • Oh boy, jewwishes is on the prowl! 😉 Yes, I have been listening to my body and it keeps telling me my lungs hate me. Anyway, I have cut way back on intensity of my workouts and will not workout out when I feel tightness or feel icky. Plus, the humidity has been mega high here, which is actually normal for us. But, you won’t see me out side much unless it is for training. Trust me, I have cut back a lot per Doctor’s orders and I have heeded all his advice about my training. The rest of my body is doing pretty good though. I do not subscribe to the “no pain no gain” adage.

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