Blog Maintenance and Musing

Well, I noticed today that there is a new WordPress theme named “Coraline”, which seems to have a close resemblance to the theme I have been using since I started this blog. So, I decided to make a jump to this theme and I am glad that I did. Also, I made a few changes to the right column widgets, removing the RSS feeds and replaced them with a disclaimer and the Recent Comments widget. Since I removed the RSS feeds of my friends’ blogs, I add them back into the Blog Roll. I also made a change to the header picture and I think it turned out pretty nice. This new theme seems a lot more customizable than the old one I used, so I might be trying a few new looks. Stay Tuned!


I am still working on part 2 of “Out of the Ashes!” series. Unfortunately, I have been a little cranky lately about religious stuff and thought it would be best to not write to much since the post is reflecting on my faith in G-d. It has been my experience that I do not convey my thoughts very well on the matter when I am cranky. So, for those waiting on this, please be patient.


Yesterday, I found myself in an uncomfortable discussion about the proper use of my medication. This is coming from a person that is not asthmatic and has no idea what it is like to have asthma. I guess what throws people off is my training. I mean, if I can walk 20 miles at near maximum effort, then my asthma can’t be that bad. Why all the drugs? Will using them all the time make me dependent on them? Well, here is how I feel about these questions. Frankly, I was dependent on these drugs before the doctor even prescribed them too me.

I remember many times walking my son to daycare and almost passing out because I could not breathe. Heck, I had already walked a half marathon before these symptoms started, so a quarter mile should have been a breeze. Therefore, if I had been on my maintenance drugs I take now, I wouldn’t have suffered like I did.

Anyway, The discussion started when I casually told the person that I was thinking about taking a couple of puffs of Ventolin (my Albuterol inhaler) before I stepped out of the building to go home after work. The only reason I was thinking this is because my chest was kind of tight and I was starting to cough a little because of it. I was afraid that the humidity would just be too much for me in this condition and I thought it might be a good idea to clear my airways before I went out side. Well, the person told me that I am taking to much medicine and I did not need to take Ventolin unless I was having an asthma attack. I would agree that I am taking too much medicine; I do not like taking stuff in the first place. But, I have to breathe. I ended up taking two puffs from the inhaler before I left work and I am glad I did. I was able to breathe much better in the humid weather and I probably averted an asthma attack.

Personally, I think I did the right thing. That was the only two puffs I had taken from that inhaler in the last two days. It is not like I am using quite a bit of it. I have to ask myself, what is the purpose of maintenance drugs? It is for asthma symptom prevention. I am supposed to be trying to prevent problems so I don’t land myself in the ER. In the future I will just keep my medicine usage to myself.

Thanks for reading and your continued support of my blog…


4 responses to “Blog Maintenance and Musing

  1. Indeed your new theme isn’t very different from the old one. As for your health, it is funny how so many people think they know what you ought to do better than yourself.

    • Yes, it sure seems that way. I suspect this will probably happen again sometime down the road. I can understand where this person is coming from. The person is a good friend and cares about me, but they should be a little more understanding of my condition. There is a lot of myths out there about asthma and a little education about it would be helpful for this person. I should know, I had a crash course on asthma and found out how little I knew about the disease.

      Thanks for stopping by even though you are on vacation. It sounds like your having a great time. 🙂

  2. The new theme is fairly similar to your old one…

    Some people think they know what is best for you, better than you know, yourself. Grrrr.

    As one who has asthma, it is frustrating to hear people’s opinions, especially if they don’t know the entire scope of the illness.

  3. Yes, I like the new theme – different, but not too much (I am such a hypocrite, lol!!).

    As for your ‘health adviser’… yes, this is a common occurrence! I take medication every day for a relatively rare condition. I have jumped through hoops to find something that I’m not allergic to, to such an extent that it nearly killed me, something that doesn’t turn me into a zombie, or something that doesn’t make me vomit/give me migraines/poor coordination…..

    And still other people think they know best.

    It’s your body and your life. Ignore them all!

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