What is this need to run thing?

I am fascinated with people who struggle with running and think it is shameful too walk. Better yet, it is probably the same people I pass in a race and I am walking. Granted, I am a pretty efficient walker and I am as fast as most joggers. But, why is walking so shameful to these people.

Why don’t I run? I do not run because I am very uncomfortable doing it. The ground pounding that my body endures while running is just too hard on me. Yes, if I worked at it, I might become efficient at it. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about mixing jogging into my training but I started having asthma symptoms. So, I could barely walk down the street, let alone jog or run. Now days, with trying to get my health stable, I am going to stick to what I am comfortable with, fitness walking (a step below race walking).

I suppose there is a bit of a love affair with crossing the finish line having run the whole way. When I compete in my first marathon in 7 weeks, I am sure that there will be a lot who will do just that. I say good for them, congrats! However, I am not going to be one of these people. Yes, I would like too, who wouldn’t.

I guess what frustrates me is the fact that walking these big races is actually frowned upon. Very rarely does someone blurt this fact out, but I can see it on runners’ faces when I tell them I walk big races. I guess it is because that is what you are supposed to do in big races, run.

Anyway, lately I have become an advocate of walking. Heck, I do not care what some of these runners think of me walking. Yeah, I could start running, but I would rather be ornery and get my finishing medal walking the course. I sure wish some runners would stop looking down at walkers.

You know, I have been on many walker blogs and some of them can barely walk but somehow they make it to the finish line of marathons, which I think is awesome. Not everyone can be a runner. I applaud these people who have chronic illnesses for the intestinal fortitude they exhibit by training and participating in races.

All I can say is, if you are uncomfortable running, start researching race walking or fitness walking. There is a lot less wear and tear on the body. And for me, I can manage my asthma a little better also. Hey, anybody that finishes a 13.1 or 26.2 race, even if dead last. That is a major accomplishment and I solute you.

By the way Nay Sayers, why don’t you walk a half marathon at an average pace of 13:33 minute mile and then ask me if I was lollygagging, because that is what I did in my first half marathon.


One response to “What is this need to run thing?

  1. If a person has a goal of running a marathon or other race, fine, but don’t let that same person look down upon me or you for wanting to walk it. It is still an accomplishment, no matter the fact we walked.

    I suppose some think it shows that they are strong, or manly, or have the energy to run. It is a showy thing, but superficial at best. I dislike running. Even now, I don’t jog any longer, as it bothers my knees…the constant pounding. I love walking, love the wind in my hair, the sights and sounds, etc.

    In my marathon…I did 13 minute miles and was very proud of it. I wasn’t going for time, though, but going to finish, no matter how long it took me. Time was not an issue. That bothers me too…how some brag about their time. So?

    Have a nice weekend.

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