Friday Ramblings

Wow, the week flew by for me. It is Friday already!

This week has been tough on me heath wise, last night being the worst. I made it home OK from work but went down hill quickly. My chest started feeling kind of weird and I am thinking my medicine is making my lungs feel that way. Then, the achiness kicked in and a little stabbing pain also. Anyway, this lasted for a couple of hours and then subsided leaving me exhausted. This has not been the first time my asthma has been painful but it is the first time for my lungs feeling weird. I do think I know what triggered this, my wife bought a new outdoor matt for the front door and it had a very strong smell to it. So, I am thinking the matt needs to find its new home soon. I am looking forward to some better weather next week.

This morning I was feeling OK, but after last night, I was not sure that I wanted to venture out and get my scheduled 5 mile walk in today. I must have lollygagged around for nearly and hour before making a decision to get the mileage in. I was already up do to my medicine and my youngest son who likes to get up at 3:00am for his morning breakfast. So, I had plenty of time to make a decision. Anyway, the walk went well and I was able to open the throttle a little and I felt some speed in my legs. I haven’t been that speedy for a little over a month and was getting a little concerned. That ended up making the start of my day a little brighter. Wow, 7 more weeks and it will be marathon time.

Also, today is a four hour work day and then I am off to the water park at noon. It should be a wonderful day in the water with my oldest son. The youngest son is going to hang out at daycare; unfortunately the weather is just too hot for him. Next year, that will by a different story.

I have posted quite a bit this week. Most of it is me venting yet again. Oh well, chalk this week up as a cranky week also. Yeah, Let’s blame it on the weather. (Wink)

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Have a great weekend everyone! Shabbat Shalom!


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. It’s okay to have a cranky week! Don’t chalk it up to the weather. LOL.

    Be aware of your body…take care.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    • Ahhh…c’mon Jewwishes, you have to let me blame it on the weather! LOL!!!

      Thanks for stopping by…I will try to get a handle on my health and listen to my body.

      You take care also…

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