Disappointing Sunday

What does one do when faced with a big training day and feeling ill? Yes, that is what I faced this morning as I was awakened too sinus induced heart burn (or possible sinus triggered asthma symptoms which I heard could cause heart burn while I am sleeping, do to breathing hard). I was having troubles breathing this morning also. So, I took two puffs of Ventolin with the spacer and it seems to have helped me, although I was in really no condition to train. This darn sinuses of mine, I am starting to hate it now. More so than ever.

I might add, most of the asthma blogs I have been reading. Talk about a peak flow meter and being in the green, yellow, and red zone. My doctor has yet introduced that to me and I am not sure why. It would be nice to be able to test my lungs too verify why I feel so crappy sometimes. I guess my Doctor is trying baby steps at the moment. There still might be self testing and a asthma log in my future.

Anyway, The training mileage for today was 20 miles. This would be the first of three 20 mile training walks to get me prepared for the marathon. Missing this walk does upset me, but I can’t over look my lungs in this matter. The bad thing is, my lungs take a beating on my long haul walks and it does take a little bit of time for my lungs to recover from it. I suspect that if I am already having breathing difficulties before my training walk, I am pretty sure that I will regret it later. I hated doing it but what can I do. I definitely can’t wear myself down to a point that I am sidelined from training.

Well for today, I guess I am looking at a little laundry and possible some lawn mowing. I am sure that there will be a little more on the “Honey do List”. The day is still young though. Who knows, it might turn out to be a good day after all. Time will tell.


One response to “Disappointing Sunday

  1. There are days when training needs to be put aside in order for your lungs and immune system can recuperate, listen to your body, and don’t overdo it. I know you have a goal, I understand, being asthmatic, myself, but your body needs the energy to function properly. One day won’t hurt your training, believe me, I’ve been there..

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