Wednesday in Funk Town

Hello Everyone! As always, thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I was taking my medicine this morning and became aware that I was depressed. Heck, I had planed to train this morning but I let that go too. I have had some pretty cruddy couple of days and I am just not happy. Even though I tried to be pleasant to everyone I correspond with on a daily basis, inside, I was feeling awful wishing it would go away. I was always taught to suck this stuff up and move on, because things could be worse. Although, that runs through my head every time my lungs start aching, I still seem to be unable to put that in practice. I have a tendency to overload my coworker friends with my burdens. I can now see why support groups are so helpful. Frankly, this is the first time in my life that I actual have had problems with my health. Yet, I feel defeated and not in control of my own body. It is truly unsettling and I hate it.

Why am I having such a hard time coming to terms with it? I am supposed to maintain the image of a tough country boy. Like the one that accidently smacked himself with a hammer in the knee losing sensation in the lower leg for a few minutes, yet shakes it off and continues to demolish his deck in the backyard. Or, the one that, at mile ten of his half marathon, is feeling a few bad blisters forming on his heels and feeling sick from an untested gel, yet manages to block it all out and post some of the best minute mile times of his life.  Where is that tough guy this morning?

Good news is, I am feeling healthier today. I guess I will try to get my mind back into it, somehow.

Sorry about not replying to comments and not writing much this week. It seems that Funk Town has internet connection problems or just a lacking in hospitality. 😉


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