Monday Chatter – Mostly Asthma Talk

Good Monday too ya, my faithful readers and friends!

It was a big weekend for me. I did my first 10K race. I had so much fun and I am glad that I did it. A race report is in the works.


I had another run in with a person that does not understand my asthma. Today, I thought it would be nice to take a leisurely stroll in the park for lunch. Before I set out, I took a precautionary two puffs of Ventolin before heading out. I have known this for a little while that I get exercised induced fare ups that last me a few days, but usually only from the big training days. Anyway, I set out on my walk in the park and started to flare in the last decent climb out of the park. I had my Ventolin on me but I was able to keep my breathing under control. I was a little light-headed when I made it back to the office, but I am no worse for wear.

After that, I decided to post the status on Facebook. My wife saw the status update and questioned me about it. It seems that she does not understand what is going on with me. I guess what is throwing her off, is my marathon aspirations. I mean, if I am so bad, how can I go out and walk 20 miles in 5 hours? Well, I am not sure I understand that myself. All I know is that I have good days and bad days. Heck, there are days that I can hardly walk across the house, let alone walk 20 miles.

At any rate, I think it is hard to make someone understand my asthma, especially a loved one. She asked me how I am going to do the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in January when I have rough days after the race. The Goofy Challenge, as I like to call it, is a two day race consisting of a half marathon the first day and a full marathon the second. Unfortunately, I signed up for this very expensive non-refundable race a few months before my first asthma symptoms arrived. So, I told her that I will just go out there and do my best. I sure wouldn’t hurt to try. Hopefully by them, I will have my asthma I little more under control. I might even rely heavily on breathing treatments if need be. I am steadily learning more and more about what I can and can’t do. Frankly, there should be no reason why I couldn’t attempt the Goofy Challenge as long as I keep a watchful eye on my health.

Unfortunately, I do not know what to say. I am not interested in letting my asthma win. As a matter of fact, I think this walking I do does wonders for me and I might possibly be even worse if I didn’t. There is a lot that goes into my wife’s questioning that goes past the scope of this blog. I can understand her concerns and I am trying.

Anywho, thanks for reading and have a great week!


4 responses to “Monday Chatter – Mostly Asthma Talk

  1. I suppose you are not the only long distance walker with asthma so showing your wife what others write on this topic might help her understand- and worry less.

  2. I find (as someone who also has a chronic condition) that it is MUCH easier to be the person who has the condition, than be the partner/friend of. There is so much that we (as the directly affected person) take for granted and it does mean that we don’t always explain everything to the person on the outside looking in. For me, it was an aspect of denial (if I don’t talk about it, it’s not happening) and then it was just really being fed up of the whole thing, and then it was worrying that everything was always about ‘the condition’. Having just experienced an episode only last night, after several years of nothing at all, I am feeling very tired, sore, under the weather, frustrated and angry (that I’m not ‘better’). But I need to put that to one side in order to talk about it properly with my OH, my friends, etc.

    And I think Ilana Davita is right, by the way. 🙂

    • Wow, Rachel, your thoughts seem so familiar. I have been struggling with this and I hate it. I am hoping as time goes on, I will a better handle on this emotionally. Right now though, I feel I need to lean on someone because I am scared. My wife, bless her heart, gets the blunt of this and I am sure that she is scared too.

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