Friday Rambling

Been down this road a few times, literally.

Wow, did this week go fast. I had a few spotty days health wise, but other than that, I had a pretty good week.
If I do the math, I am 5 weeks out from my first marathon. I am still struggling with getting my mileage in, but I will just have to except the fact that I am going into this race under trained. Well, at least I have my nutrition and equipment nailed down so I do not have to worry about that. I am pretty sure I can get to the finish line as long as my lungs cooperate. I am looking forward to becoming a marathoner.

Well, I might have another race on my radar. I am thinking about signing up for the “GO! St. Louis Halloween 10K”. It seems like a nice race and after the Abe’s Amble, I kind of like this distance. I need to decide quickly because the race seems to be filling fast.

Anywho, Have a great weekend everyone! Shabbat Shalom!


6 responses to “Friday Rambling

  1. Hope you manage to reach tour goal.
    Shabbat Shalom!

    • Thank you ilanadavita! BTW, I bet you didn’t know that you where one of my inspirations to start all this walking stuff from the beginning. If it wasn’t for your post on winning a Trappenwitz mug, I would have never signed up on Walker Tracker and attempted to win one myself. I am pretty amazed were fate took me, I am enjoying myself. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Be patient with your body, and don’t worry about the timing, as far as the marathon goes. That often is what beats some people down…their finish time.

    Go, James! Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Thanks Jewwishes! 🙂 Being a marathoner and keeping healthy is more important to me than a good finishing time. Don’t worry, I am taking your advice.
    Enjoy your Shabbat and the nice dinner you have planned!

  4. I’m glad to hear that, James, and figured you were in that mindset. Finishing time, sminishing time, the fact one finishes at all, is amazing, and a feat to be proud of.

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