Monday Chatter – Long Walk Recovery

Yes, Monday is always about recovering from my long training walk on Sundays. Yesterday I did my first 20 miler. It was a tough one for me physically and mentally, but that is why I train at these distances. It is to get me prepared for the race.

After I finished, I thought I would check the peak flow meter to see where I was at, not pretty. I could hardly blow in the thing, with my chest hurting and feeling tight. Funny thing is, I really did not feel anything until I started blowing on the PF meter. I do not know if I am blocking it out in my walk or just in denial? I suspect that I have trained myself a little too well and I hope that I can still spot trouble during my exercise, so I can stop. Frankly, I am still baffled that I can do what I do at only 76% of average in my height and age group.

Anyway, I took my Meds and my PF scores improved, like they should. I guess I need to take Symbicort before I start, instead of after. I do take two puffs of Ventolin though the spacer before I start. Problem is, I start training so early that I am not comfortable taking it then. I guess, I will need to start.

Today, I am feeling great, but my lungs are a little beaten up. It has taken my lungs a few days to recover from these long training days. Good thing is, my PF score seemed norm this morning.

Have a great week everyone…Thanks for stopping by.


One response to “Monday Chatter – Long Walk Recovery

  1. Remember what I have told you in the past.

    I use Symbicort, also, as a preventative measure.

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