Weekend Wrap Up – The 20 Miler that Never Was

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am feeling pretty chipper this morning. I got some much-needed rest last night. My meds or my asthma has a tendency to get me up at 2:00am. So, to get up a 5:00am after a restful sleep is a real joy.

Health – Doing well still. Yeah, a little chest tightening and some fatigue, but other than that I am happy. I just wish I could blow a Peak Flow reading in the 600s. My highest has only been 530, which is somewhere near 81% of my predicted value. Anyway, the weather has been great for my breathing. It has been nice not having the feeling that I am breathing in a paper bag.

Training – My 20 mile long training walk was not meant to be. I was ready to get it done and my lungs were cooperating also, but my legs were not. The first mile was the start of shin pain in my left leg. I tried to shake it off but it would not subside. My legs where feeling kind of funny all week so I suspect I have an over training injury. Nothing major, I think my stabilizer muscles are fatigued causing me to be off my gait. By doing this, it probably puts unneeded stress on my legs. So, I managed to creep through the first 5 mile loop and then called it quits. Yes, it would have been beneficial for me to get my mileage in; unfortunately, putting unnecessary stress on the leg negates those benefits.

Oh well, it is time to taper off. It is still big mileage this week of 24 miles, but I think I will take it easy and train slowly this week. As for the marathon, it was always going to be about survival anyway, the first ones always are. I knew coming into training that the whole thing would be a struggle, regardless of my asthma coming into play. It is all about building a new fitness base. I guess my body is just slow at getting there. Frankly, it was the same thing that happened to me during the half marathon training.

Weekend – It was a good couple of days off. I was kind of busy chasing around two kids and probably could have been more productive.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by…


2 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up – The 20 Miler that Never Was

  1. I am glad you are listening to your body and what it is telling you. I am sorry that you couldn’t train as much as you wanted to, but at least you are taking heed. I’m sorry to hear about the legs, and empathize.

    It is good to hear that your lungs seem to be cooperating at the moment. I am sure it felt nice to “breathe”.

    Take care, James. Be well. Hugs to you.

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