Friday Ramblings

Hello Everyone!!! I hope your week was pleasant.

Health – Yet another great week for me. I did have a flare-up Wednesday morning do too forgetting to take my meds the night before. Yeah, I was so tight and sore when I woke-up that I could barely get a peak flow reading. After I got some meds in me, I was good to go the rest of the day. I am still possibly getting some drug side effects that are becoming a tad annoying. There has been times this week when I have been pretty dizzy most of the day. Not sure what this means, so I will be discussing with my doctor. On a really good note, I blow the best peak flow reading so far of 550 (That is 84% of my predicted value, Yahoo).

Training – Or lack there of! Not much going on since my left leg started hurting last Sunday. Hum…I would have loved to have gotten in the 20 miles that day if I could. That would have given me some peace of mind that I am lacking at the moment. Like I said Monday, first marathons are all about survival. Anyway, my left leg is starting to come around. I woke up this morning to a set of much fresher legs. So, we will see how they do on Sunday, 12 very slow miles.

Just for fun – My oldest son is still learning to talk and sometimes it is quite fun to listen to him. Many, many times he points in the sky at something and says, “I want to fly a guy”. What he really means is, “I want to fly in the sky”. Sometimes his mother teases him about it saying, “how about flying a girl”. He says, “No, fly a guy”. I can’t help but laugh. Yeah, he thinks he is saying it correctly, he is so cute.

That is the weeks roundup. Have a great weekend!!!


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Cute story re your son.

    Have a great week, James.

    Big hugs.

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