Friday Ramblings

Happy Friday everone!!! I hope the week went well for you.

Health – This week has not been good but not too bad either. I am hanging in there hoping that next week will be better.

Training – Oh boy, I did 4 miles on Wednesday and that was about it so far. I have 8 miles on tap for Sunday.

The marathon is looming, next weekend. Am I ready? Mentally? Yes Physically? No. I really do not know what my fitness level is going to be when I start the race. I think my biggest worry is recovery. Basically, I planned for the race to be a training race for the Goofy Challenge in January. I never foresaw  myself being this under-trained for this race. I planned to go slow so that recovery from the race would only take a couple of weeks. Now, I am possibly going to be completely wrecked,  taking weeks to recover. The reason for the short recovery time is because I swing right into training for the Goofy Challenge. I was hoping to use that momentum to help me prepare my confidence level and fitness level to cope with a 39.3 mile weekend. 

I guess I over looked marathon training and building a new fitness base to be that difficult. Yes, I could blame it all on my newly diagnosed illness if it would make me feel better, but I would be fooling myself. A lot of this is me doing to much too soon. Hum…that seems to be a familiar theme for me.

Frankly, I am going to find a way to finish the marathon and gain the personal achievement I am looking for. Yes, I want to be a marathoner.

Anyway, that  is some of the stuff on my mind.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


4 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Marathon training is extremely difficult, and not something to brush aside. As far as recovery, it takes more than a couple of weeks, believe me, I know, and I went slow. It is grueling on the body.

    My brother ran his first marathon a few years back, and he can also attest to how long it takes to recover…over a month for him, and he was in prime shape, and finished in 4:20 (time doesn’t matter to me for achievement, I’m just stating his time). It was over seven weeks for me, before I felt almost normal…notice I say almost. The wear and tear on the body is immense…so…please don’t take it lightly…please be aware of what you body is telling you.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  2. Thanks jewwishes, Shabbat Shalom!

    Yes, it has become apparent that I do not know what I am doing. I guess I will play it by ear and do the best of my ability (within reason). If it takes a month then that is what it will be. Frankly jewwishes, I am listening to you and I am learning to stop overestimating myself. Although, something I really want to do is enjoy my first marathon. Let the cards fall were they may and just try to have a good time.

    I keep telling myself, “No Worries Mate!”

    Be well my friend…

  3. Due to the three-day holiday I am only visiting now. Hope you are well enough to do the marathon next weekend.

  4. There you go…I like the attitude. Enjoy is the key word, not run (no pun intended) yourself to the ground.

    Hugs to you.

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