Daddy Daycare Starts Today

Yes, the usual daycare person went to Vegas for a week, so the only business that would take my wild things was Daddy Daycare. Not really, it is not often that I get to spend this much time with my boys so I am looking forward to doing just that. However, I had a dry run last Thursday and it was not pretty, this coming from the DW. Wish me luck!

Health – Doing pretty darn good! The meds seem to be keeping my asthma at bay. Plus, I might add, I think I am finally getting my emotions under control about my illness. There was times when I truly hated how I felt (or maybe most of the time). Lately, I haven’t felt the need to whine.

Training – Darn, it is just plain lacking. My legs are still showing signs of overuse, so I am just not comfortable about putting my last mileage in before the marathon. Just my luck, lungs feel better but legs do not. Although, I am not going to stress much about it. I survived many long mileage days during training and the marathon should be nothing new. Yes, it is 10k more than I ever walked but I am confident that I can finish.

Plus, this is the last race for this marathon, next year its name is going to change to Rock n Roll St. Louis and be ran down town. It would be nice to get a medal from this race. Huh…talk about my first its last kind of thing. However, the course is not going away, they are planning to use some of the course to make a spring 10K race. If they make it a big deal of it, I will probably give it a try next year. I do not know if I said this before, I think I like 10Ks

Oh boy, Daddy Daycare is starting, got to go!

Have a great week everyone!!!


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