Last Day of Daddy Daycare

Hi everyone, I hope your week is going well.

What a week so far, having a ton of fun with my boys. My children are definitely a blessing, for sure. I wish I would have written a little more on my blog this week, but I have been doing some research that has taken quite a bit of my time. Plus, as you might already have figured out, I have been busy managing Daddy Daycare.

Health – Hum..I been OK this week. Unfortunately, I have been a tad nervous about my big day this Sunday. I think the added stress is messing with my lungs. I am breathing well most of the time, which is a good thing.

Marathon – Yay, it is almost here. I walked a few miles Tuesday pushing the boys in the Bob stroller and felt really good. My knees are not complaining as much as they have for the last few weeks. As much as I wanted to get training mileage in, having screwed-up knees on marathon day sounded worst than being under-trained. Yeah, a person could beat themselves up over what the right decision was in this matter, but this is how I thought was best to handle my overuse injury.

Religion – Oh boy, week two of heavy thinking on the subject. This has been the number one drainer of my time this week. One of these days I am going to find peace in this area.

Be well everyone!


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