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Friday Ramblings

Hey Everyone, I hope your week went well.

Health – No complaints, it was smooth sailing all week.

Marathon Training – Not going very well in this department. Talk about a seed that has been planted, my dear friend (who I love as a family member) has been relentless at chipping away at my bullheadedness on the dangers of doing these endurance events. I have just not been motivated to train lately. Frankly, I can not rule out the possible that I might have a COPD component too my asthma. I certainly hope not, but at the moment, my asthma can not be considered normal and my FEV1 is just creeping up. My friend is right, until I know that I can get normal again. I have no business doing what I am doing. Now, if I can just tell the stubborn side of me to layoff. So far, the stubborn side is winning.

Genealogy – My parents are up for the weekend from Orlando FL and last night we got to talking about my ancestry. I have been kind of interested, but also wanted to keep it a mystery. It seems that my mom, in her retirement, has picked up the hobby of tracing my lineage. On the paternal side, I did not realize that I am forth generation of an Irish immigrant. My mom said she even has the name of the ship they came over on, interesting. On the maternal side (This is the side I am interested in. hmmm…I wonder why), this actually was quite interesting. No, as I expected, no Jewish history too be found here. It looks like, according to my mom, I have an Amish Mennonite ancestry. They originated in Germany and migrated to Pennsylvania. I have studied the Amish in the past because I thought they were interesting, this would make sense. The Amish were religiously persecuted in Europe and forced to find a safer place to live. Pretty amazing stuff and I am glad that my mom made all these discoveries. She seems to be having a lot of fun with it.

Well, sorry the ramblings have to end.

Have a great weekend, be well, and Shabbat Shalom!!!


A Seed Has Been Planted

Yesterday, a seed of doubt was planted and it is growing like an unwanted weed. I am a realist of sorts, my odds of becoming a Jew are slim, and I know that. I am not saying that it might never happen. My thought is that it puts such a strain on my life as it is, why all the hardship? Plus, will I be an observant Jew? Maybe not completely observant and it really hinges on how my family manages it. Don’t get me wrong though, I understand Halakhah and its importance. I would do my very best to be a Jew and observe it.

Why make the effort? That’s been the tough question for me. I have lost count how many times in the last three years that I have tried to return to my roots, Christianity. For me, Judaism is something solid I can believe in. Yes, there is a lot more to Judaism than theology and it can be intimidating (in an unfamiliar sort of way) at times but it has gotten better through time.

So far, the community here has been very friendly and my Rabbi has given me no reason to think that I wouldn’t fit in.

A don’t know, maybe it is best that I return to Christianity. When it comes to Social Justice, which is dear to my heart. The United Methodist Church would be a perfect fit for me. Plus, I would not be at odds with my wife in the religious department. Sad part is, their theology tradition is something I would have to go along with it and probably would be uncomfortable with believing in whole heartily. Actually, I have written about this before on August 5th in “Unfortunate Babblings

Or just maybe I should just be an agnostic theist and go with the flow. It probably has a lot less headaches and hardships. Although, I have always been one of those that can persevere hardships if I put my mind too it, finishing a marathon with uncontrolled asthma reminds of that.

Yep, the seed has been planted and I am as religiously challenged as ever!

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me

Happy Monday, I hope your weekend was wonderful or at least manageable. Yeah, we will have too see about the “so good to me” part. 😉

Just wanted to wish everyone a great week!

Be Well…

Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, believe it or not, I am still here. hehe

I probably should have written a little something throughout the week but I was lazy and actually had nothing in mind with substance. Not that I ever do! 😉

Anyway, I was thinking. Since somebody is always watching me (hehe inside joke) and I visit other blogs that do the same. I am starting something new on my blog. I am going to update daily a short blurb about how I am doing today on the right calm. I know some of my readers are good friends and would probably want to know how my heath is doing today. Plus, if I have a lapse in posting, for whatever reason (Mostly lazy blogger-itus, honestly, I love to write cranky posts when I am sick), I am sure that my friends would feel more at ease from reading my updates. Let’s make a trial run and see if I can keep up with this.

Health – I was a little iffy yesterday evening, but I am feeling better today.

Training – 10k recovery for me this week. I might start easing into some kind of training next week.

Have a good weekend everyone, Shabbat Shalom!!!

Where are the Posts?

Yeah, I have been kind of silent on my blog the last few days. Everything is fine, just can’t figure out what to write about.

Anywho, I wish everyone a good week and good health! I need to get some race reports done before I forget, maybe this week.

Take Care…

Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone! Hope your week went well.

This is going to be a busy weekend for me. The family and I are going to stay the weekend in St. Louis. Saturday, we are going to ride Thomas the Train and just have a fun day with the boys. Sunday, I am going to walk the Go! St. Louis Halloween 10k and then probably goof around in St. Louis some more and head home. So, it should be a good time and I know my family needs some time way from our normal life.

Health – Kind of middle of the road today. The Prednisone has me a bit loopy but I will take this over not breathing well any day. I am a little concerned about the 10k and the aftermaths I experience after I exercise. I am going to take it pretty easy and try not to tax my already iffy lungs. Frankly, last weekend scared me a little.

Speaking of that flare-up episode, a good friend of mine reminded me that my flare-up was undoubtedly from my marathon adventure. As much as I want to tell my friend that they are wrong, I suspect that was the root cause also. It is funny though that the flare-up happened a few days after the event. During those few days, I thought I was doing quite well. I guess it was euphoria before the storm.

Training – Nothing this week, just enjoying some R&R.

Take care everyone and try to be well, I know a few friends of mine are going though pretty tough time right now, you are in my thoughts and prayers! ((HUGS))

Have a good weekend everyone!

Midweek Pondering

Ok, believe it or not, I am surprising doing a lot better today. My breathing has calmed down now. Yesterday, I actually felt like I was running in a race. Heck, to be honest, I was breathing easier in my marathon a couple of weeks ago. I am still a little rough with an occasional ache in my lungs and some coughing, but I will take this over laboring to breathe any day. Big thanks to my friends (with their well wishes) and my pulmonologist!

Racing – I have a 10K this weekend, Go! St. Louis Halloween 10K. I am looking forward to competing in this event. I am probably not going to even try to best my Abe’s Amble 10K time this weekend. I will just start in the back and just take it easy, maybe just cruise at a 15:00 m/m pace. I think that would be better on my post-marathon legs and lungs.

Goofy Training – Yes, it is time to think about training for the Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in early January. Even though I personally feel that I should not be doing this one, I signed up for it pre-asthma with no idea I was going to get asthma. However, I should at least give it a try. One never knows, my FEV1 could improve by January and make this race much more manageable. Basically, I will be doing a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Yeah, that will be a 39.3 weekend (crazy, I know). But, probably most do not know that I have dreams of being an ultra-marathoner and at least try to finish a 50 mile event. Hey, this asthmatic has decided to not throw away his dreams just yet. So, I guess we will see!

Future Racing – I am always thinking about future races. I am starting to formulate plans for next year. Do to budget concerns; I will probably be doing events close to home. Yes, there are only a few races around here. But to be truthful, I should only be in a few races a year anyway. More than likely I am going to do the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon, Abe’s Amble 10K, and Frostbite 10m again next year. My sister has been talking about competing in the Chicago Marathon and I told her that I would go also if she’s serious. That would definitely make for an exciting fall race. If my sister doesn’t, I will probably make the inaugural Rock and Roll St. Louis my fall race. I think the time limit is 7 hours so I should be able to finish it with little trouble. Now, the Chicago Marathon has a closing of 6.5 hours which could be tricky for me. However, maybe next year I will be a tad faster. One can hope anyway.

I would love to compete in a spring marathons also, but not sure at the moment. I would love to one day compete in the Go! St. Louis Marathon and the Illinois Marathon. Unfortunately, both of these marathons having a closing time of 6 hours and I am just not that fast yet.

As for ultra-marathons, I am thinking that 2012 could be the year to give one a try. Hopefully my legs will have a pretty good base on them to be able to train and compete in one. Time will tell on this one also.

Whew, anyway, I will stop. I have been rambling…Take Care!