Midweek Pondering

Ok, believe it or not, I am surprising doing a lot better today. My breathing has calmed down now. Yesterday, I actually felt like I was running in a race. Heck, to be honest, I was breathing easier in my marathon a couple of weeks ago. I am still a little rough with an occasional ache in my lungs and some coughing, but I will take this over laboring to breathe any day. Big thanks to my friends (with their well wishes) and my pulmonologist!

Racing – I have a 10K this weekend, Go! St. Louis Halloween 10K. I am looking forward to competing in this event. I am probably not going to even try to best my Abe’s Amble 10K time this weekend. I will just start in the back and just take it easy, maybe just cruise at a 15:00 m/m pace. I think that would be better on my post-marathon legs and lungs.

Goofy Training – Yes, it is time to think about training for the Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in early January. Even though I personally feel that I should not be doing this one, I signed up for it pre-asthma with no idea I was going to get asthma. However, I should at least give it a try. One never knows, my FEV1 could improve by January and make this race much more manageable. Basically, I will be doing a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Yeah, that will be a 39.3 weekend (crazy, I know). But, probably most do not know that I have dreams of being an ultra-marathoner and at least try to finish a 50 mile event. Hey, this asthmatic has decided to not throw away his dreams just yet. So, I guess we will see!

Future Racing – I am always thinking about future races. I am starting to formulate plans for next year. Do to budget concerns; I will probably be doing events close to home. Yes, there are only a few races around here. But to be truthful, I should only be in a few races a year anyway. More than likely I am going to do the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon, Abe’s Amble 10K, and Frostbite 10m again next year. My sister has been talking about competing in the Chicago Marathon and I told her that I would go also if she’s serious. That would definitely make for an exciting fall race. If my sister doesn’t, I will probably make the inaugural Rock and Roll St. Louis my fall race. I think the time limit is 7 hours so I should be able to finish it with little trouble. Now, the Chicago Marathon has a closing of 6.5 hours which could be tricky for me. However, maybe next year I will be a tad faster. One can hope anyway.

I would love to compete in a spring marathons also, but not sure at the moment. I would love to one day compete in the Go! St. Louis Marathon and the Illinois Marathon. Unfortunately, both of these marathons having a closing time of 6 hours and I am just not that fast yet.

As for ultra-marathons, I am thinking that 2012 could be the year to give one a try. Hopefully my legs will have a pretty good base on them to be able to train and compete in one. Time will tell on this one also.

Whew, anyway, I will stop. I have been rambling…Take Care!


3 responses to “Midweek Pondering

  1. Good grief – do you never stop?! Good for you!

  2. Just thought I’d stop by. 🙂

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