Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, believe it or not, I am still here. hehe

I probably should have written a little something throughout the week but I was lazy and actually had nothing in mind with substance. Not that I ever do! 😉

Anyway, I was thinking. Since somebody is always watching me (hehe inside joke) and I visit other blogs that do the same. I am starting something new on my blog. I am going to update daily a short blurb about how I am doing today on the right calm. I know some of my readers are good friends and would probably want to know how my heath is doing today. Plus, if I have a lapse in posting, for whatever reason (Mostly lazy blogger-itus, honestly, I love to write cranky posts when I am sick), I am sure that my friends would feel more at ease from reading my updates. Let’s make a trial run and see if I can keep up with this.

Health – I was a little iffy yesterday evening, but I am feeling better today.

Training – 10k recovery for me this week. I might start easing into some kind of training next week.

Have a good weekend everyone, Shabbat Shalom!!!


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. That’s a nice idea…about the daily updates.

    Shabbat Shalom!


  2. Looking forward to the daily updates. Shavua tov!

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