Monday’s Weekend Wrap-up

Hi everyone, hope you weekend went well.

I had a pretty good weekend. My parents were up for the weekend from Orlando, so it was great seeing them. We went trick-or-treating Saturday night. In my neighborhood we do it on the day before and the day of, not sure why. My oldest boy was dressed like a pirate and my youngest was Tigger. Tonight I need to see if I can upload the pictures too my Facebook account.

Unfortunately, somebody or maybe many of my neighbors had burned leaves on Saturday and the whole place reeked of smoke. Well, my lungs could not handle it and the last couple of days have been rough.

I wish everyone a great week and be well!


2 responses to “Monday’s Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Take care of yourself, James.


    • I am trying. As you well know, I am a tad stubborn about my Ventolin use. I have been using it today. x

      Edit: Oh, even though I feel uncomfortable with the notion of wearing a mask. This is another incident that I could have used the mask and possibly been in better shape than I am today.

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