Wife and Son Story (Part1)

Hi everyone, I have wanted to share these stories for a while now about the not so routine births of my two boys. Part1 of this two part series is the birth of my oldest son. I wrote this over two years ago for another site and still feel that it relevant to my thoughts today.

Written: 3/6/2008

Little over a month ago, a new addition to my family came into this world, my first child (A boy). I will have to say that G-d was there the whole time.

It started when my wife was attending her weekly checkup and they hooked her up to a monitor, which is normal for this phase of pregnancy. Unfortunately, the nurse could not find his heart beat and they rushed my wife over to get a sonogram. The sonogram was showing that my son was in a precarious position and it was causing his heart rate to lower.

The doctor immediately had my wife admitted to the hospital and on the way there he had moved, ever thing was normal again for him. While they were monitoring my wife as a precaution, they found that my wife was starting to develop preeclampsia. This illness can be very fatal for both mother and child if not treated in time.

The doctors decided to induce labor three weeks early because my wife is not going to be able to carry my son anymore. Well, when I thought things could not get worse. We find out that, after trying so hard, that normal birth was not going to happen. The doctor exhausted ever means and my wife had to have emergency c-section.

After the birth, my son was heavily bruised on his head and the doctors were suspecting that he would have fluid on the brain, which might mean that his brain was damaged. They did a cat scan and gave him a full bill of health. The doctor told me that we got lucky because he should have had brain damage.

To sum this experience up, if my son would have not been in that precarious position in the first place. My wife would have become deathly ill and I could have lost them both. Did I just get lucky? I do not think so. I strongly believe that G-d had his hand in all this. My wife and son are doing great now.

Stay tuned for Part2 as I recount the near tragic story of the birth of my second child.


7 responses to “Wife and Son Story (Part1)

  1. Oh wow. Birth in itself is a miracle. Stories like these are even more so.

  2. I suppose you were scared when your wife was pregnant the second time.

    • I thought it was just a fluke at the time and just grateful we could have another child. Although, now, I told my wife that a third might have use on pens and needles. Thanks for reading, Ilana! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this, James.

  4. Goodness me… what a series of events! My little brother was born with the chord around his neck – us sisters were uneventful (or at least as uneventful as giving birth can be!) births. My Mum jokes that my brother gave the most trouble in his formative years, but the least trouble in his adult years (so far!).

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