Wife and Son Story (Part2)

This is part two of the birth of my two wonderful boys. Part 1 is (here).

This story begins with the first sonogram of my wife’s second pregnancy. Too my wife and I, the first sonogram was not unlike any other ones we went through. However, during the doctor visit, our doctor gave us some difficult news to the contrary. We were informed that my wife had placenta previa. This is when the placenta places itself at the lower part of the uterus and comes in the forms of marginal, partial, or complete covering of the cervix. My wife was diagnosed as complete. Sadly, this is not a fixable problem and has complications that are near fatal. We have a great doctor and she did her best to put use at ease. She acted like it was no big deal and told us to keep an eye on the danger signs, basically hemorrhaging.

As thirty weeks approached, everything was looking good. Until, one morning, I get a call at work. My wife started hemorrhaging quite a bit and she wanted me to come home. I suggested that she call 911 if it is as bad as she says it was. I started for home and in the mean time; the hemorrhaging had stopped. I made it home quickly and picked her up. We rushed to the hospital and she was admitted. I have to admit, from what I know now, we should have used the ambulance.

The next step for a mother that is hemorrhaging from placenta previa is bed rest. The doctor thought that she was stable enough, after many tests, to return home the next day. However, she was to remain on bed rest the remainder of her pregnancy.

This is the most regrettable point for me. I thought, since she was stable and coming home the next day, I would go home and take care of our two year old so he would have some normalcy. Later, I found out that she wanted me to stay and I should have. She was not alone though, her sister stayed the night with her.

About two in the morning, I get the call that nobody wants to get. My wife’s sister told me that their aunt is coming over in a few minutes to watch my son and come to the hospital immediately. I get dressed, arrange my son’s cloths, put some bedding on the sofa, and waited for my aunt. After she arrived, I headed to the hospital with no idea what was going on or what happened. I did not drive like a maniac, although I gave it some thought.

I made it to the parking lot and I got another call from my sister in-law. Yet another call I do not like getting. The nurse needs too talk to me about consenting to give my wife three liters of blood. What, three liters of blood? Oh my, this is a big deal. I was getting scared now, sometimes no news is good news. I get up to the room and my sister in-law told me she started a massive bleeding event and rushed too the operating room. We knew that she was alive but none of the staff on duty knew my son’s status yet. Talk about a scary time in a parent’s life, I was trying to stay strong but it was challenging. My mother in-law made it there a little after I did and had a break down. It was a tense time for all of us.

My decision not to panic was a good choice. Later and this is even before my wife made it back to her room, I learned that my son was alive and has been moved too the Neonatal Intensive-care Unit (NICU). They wanted to stabilize him first and thought it would be best if I waited a couple of hours before I went to the NICU to visit him. My wife finally made it to her room exhausted by what transpired through the night. I was so happy to see her. The doctor who did the emergency c-section, briefed us in the waiting room as they made her comfortable in her room. It seems that she was having contractions throughout the night and they tried to get it stop but could not. This caused too much pressure on the already inflamed placenta and she had a massive hemorrhage. My wife told me that she now knows how it feels when ones life starts fading away. My son had to be born to save both of their lives.

The visit to the NICU was a bittersweet moment for me. I was so elated that he was alive, but it was sad that the first time I met him, he was on a ventilator and not capable of breathing on his own. Through the miracle of modern medicine, they were able to get him breathing that day. The NICU does incredible things and they are a blessing.

My son was born 3lbs 8oz, which was bigger than the average of 2lbs 9oz. I think that contributed to his ability to progressively get better and too not have as many complications. Yes, we had a couple of scary moments in the NICU. However and truly sad, there were more critical babies in the NICU than my child. I definitely was counting my blessings.

His stay in the NICU was seven weeks and he came home 3 weeks before the actual do date of April 30th. His mother got out a few days after delivery and recovered nicely. She is one tough woman.

My personal thought on this was what if the massive hemorrhage at the hospital actually happened at home that morning. The whole episode only took 15 minutes to transpire in the hospital. I have a feeling that if that did happen, both of them would have lost their lives that day. Even though I do not dwell on this, I can’t help but think G-d had a hand in this also. I am so thankful and grateful that it turned out wonderful.

As of this writing, my son is close to 19lbs, giggling and learning how to crawl.

Too my readers, thanks for reading!!! I truly appreciate it.


4 responses to “Wife and Son Story (Part2)

  1. Oh wow. You truly have been blessed! Did you end up giving your wife 3 liters of blood? You’re lucky that your blood is compatible to hers!

    • Yes, she did get the blood transfusion. There was a lot of legal mumbo jumbo with giving blood transfusions and they needed spousal consent to do the treatment. I guess they deemed her unable to make her own decisions at the time. No, we are not of the same blood type. Although, I would have if I could. 🙂

  2. James – I am speechless. I cna’t imagine going through all of that.

    My sister-in-law used to be the ward sister for a NICU ward (in her hospital it was called SCBU, Special Care Baby Unit) and when my nephew was born, he ended up in there for a couple of weeks. Needless to say, since she knew all the ins and outs of what happens in there and why, I think she felt as if all that knowledge was too much. Happily, her son is now a strapping 11 year old, so all ended happily!

    Shabbat Shalom!

    • Hi Rachel, as I wrote this story I did not mean for it to be shocking, but after I wrote it, it was nothing but shocking. I think the toughest part for both of us was my son’s stay in the NICU. I think it was the fear of the unknown that really got us. Heck, four weeks into his stay he decided to stop breathing. We almost lost him that day.

      Shabbat Shalom!

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