Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

Huh…where did the weekend go? I hope everyone’s weekend was good. I just wish my weekend would have seemed a little longer.

I had a pretty good weekend considering that my pesky lungs were giving me troubles. Saturday I was sore in the morning and a bit of SOB in the afternoon (mainly because my neighbors where trying to smoke us out, leaf burning sucks).  Sunday was a bit better but still a little rough in the morning but the afternoon was much better. I even ventured. Son and I went to the park.

Well I finally got out there for some training. I should have been training last week but my lungs thought otherwise. I did not wear my GPS watch for this one but I did complete my well used 4.32 mile loop, which just happens too go by the park. I also pushed my son in the Bob Stroller and I most say this stroller was made for exercising. It really felt good to get back out there.

I also tried my new shoes out that I bought in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago. They are the Vibram FiveFingers KSO and socks from Injinji Socks. It has been interesting to walk near bare footed on the roads that I travel with cushy shoes. Yes, I can feel everything that I step on, but the shoe deadens some of the sharpness of stepping on rocks. I did find it quite comfortable on mulch surfaces, like the one I encountered at the park. My heels hurt though from the almost zero padding of the shoe. If anything, I am either going to get stress fractures or tougher feet by walking in these shoes. Also, I kind of wish I had bought micro socks instead of the mini-crew and not white ones either. I look like I have nerdie feet in the picture!

Well, that’s it for this post. I wish you a happy productive week! Be Well!


7 responses to “Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Wow! Cool shoes! I can’t imagine them being comfortable tho.

  2. Thanks Elisheva! The shoes are different, that is for sure. Yeah, the comfort level is a bit rough. 😉

  3. I have never seen such shoes before.

  4. I have these shoes on my wishlist… but I’d like the chili colour! They would match my winter coat 🙂

  5. Those shoes look wild!

  6. Ooh! I see I made it onto your blogroll! I’m famous 🙂

  7. My nephews have these-well, their’s are more like the aqua shoes you can use for surfing and boarding. My Mum got them in their Costco in California and brought them home. I remember the terrific smell of rubber. You are going to have very latexy feet!!!!!

    They look kind of Alien, LOL x

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