Friday Rambling

Yeah, it is that time of the week again, thank goodness its Friday.

Not really sure what the plans are for the weekend yet. I do know that my oldest boy is going to the circus with his aunt, which he will love.

I am thinking about dusting off my prayer-book and getting back to being a religious person. Huh…I think its time for me to follow my heart, because, if I don’t, I will end up being the biggest loser. Not much more I can say about that.

Moving on, I am just about done with writing my race report on the October marathon. Sorry it has taken so long, if you read it, I think you might understand why. Plus, I was experience some short-term memory loss and could not remember actually doing the marathon at one point. Yeah, it was kind of scary, but I am much better now. I also have a Go! St Louis Halloween 10k race report coming also. Not sure who will read these race reports, but if anything, I will have something written down to reflect on later in life. So, yeah, I am kind of doing it for myself and sharing it too.

That’s all folks!!!

Have a great weekend, Shabbat Shalom!!! Plus, my thoughts and prayers go out to all my friends who have been struggling lately, (((hugs))) and get better!!!


7 responses to “Friday Rambling

  1. James, take a look at the cartoon in Batya’s post:

    I thought you might be able to relate to the young man depicted.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. LOL 🙂 Yeah, I can relate. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, Leora.

  3. Did you get to dust off your prayer book?
    Shavua tov!

  4. Yes, yes! Did you dust off your prayer book? We NEED to know, lol!

    Shavu’a Tov – from, er, Shavu’a Tov! 🙂

  5. Ilanadavita and Rachel, I am ashamed to say this but not yet. I could say that it was because of pure laziness, but I think it runs deeper than that. Tonight, I will pull it out of the bookshelf and have it handy when ever I get the nerve to pray again. Dagnabbit, life is complicated!!!

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