Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

Hi everyone, hope things are going well.

I had a really good weekend. My oldest son “E” went to the circus Saturday with his aunt and had a great time. We met them in town in the evening and had a family dinner with my in-laws (My wife’s mother, sister, brother, sister’s grandchild, and sister’s husband). I had chili and cheese fries. Yeah, not exactly kosher by any means. Boy, the things I will miss whenever I get my butt into gear. E was so tired at the restraint that we placed bets on how far we could get in the car before he passed out. E was conked out before we got out of the parking lot. He snored all the way home.

Sunday was training day. I got up a 2:30am and hit the streets by 3am. Yeah, what was I doing up that early? Well, I do not sleep very well after 2am and getting up after 5am is sleeping in for me. However, I am dead tired after 8pm so I am in bed early. Plus, I get my training in before the boys get up. I find that it is almost impossible to train later on in the day and evenings are impossible. Although, I was pretty whipped out last night and got up at 5am this morning. Yay for 8 hours of sleep.

I digressed; I did get my scheduled 12 miles in. Not the best performance for a training walk, but it could have been worse. I have really slowed down lately. Although I am not going to let it get to me this time around. I am not healthy by any means and if I can just get by in my January race, then all is good. Am I disappointed? Yes! I will save that for another post.

Anywho, the main purpose of this post was to wish everyone a great week. So, have a great week everyone!!!


2 responses to “Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

  1. I thought I had funny sleeping patterns, but you really topped me there!

    Little kids are funny when they just fall asleep like that. I have a photo somewhere of my little sister fallen asleep with her head in a dish of custard!! One to show her boyfriend one day, methinks!

    Have a great week too – and don’t beat yourself up about the training. You’re fitter than a lot of people!

    • Thanks Rachel, believe me, I am not trying to beat anyone in the sleep department. If it was up to me, I would sleep in. This sleep pattern started after taking Symbicort, darn meds.

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