You’re Not Jabbing Me

Today, I am serious contemplating what I am going to do, am I going to get the needed blood work done or not. Last Dr visit I received a finger wagging for not getting this blood test done, a month or two ago. Yeah, I know it is important. But dagnabbit, I just about have an actual anxiety attack to getting up the nerve to go (believe me, I have had a few and I know all about how it feels to have one). Okay, the last time I tried to do a blood test, my anxiety level was over the top and I could not do it. I could not tell if I was having an asthma issue, anxiety attack, or a little of both. I was in the chair at the time and ask if I could go back to the waiting room to calm down. Sadly, I just could not take it and left. I felt like such a dumb-ass and failure. Needless to say, I was totally embarrassed by my irrational behavior in front of the nurse. I am sure this was not her first but I still hate the way I get about this.

Do I want to get the Blood work done? Heck yes I do. They actually have a freaking name for this called Belonephobia. I guess I am not alone. Frankly, I do not know what to do. I want show the Dr that I am taking charge of my health by doing everything he says, but I am such a freak with this blood work stuff. Plus, I want to get a flu shot too, but I have been freaking out about that too.

What in the world am I going to do?


7 responses to “You’re Not Jabbing Me

  1. You need to get the work done…somehow, some way. Try listening to music to calm you, or listen to an audio book. Don’t look when they do the work. Believe me, I have had blood work where they take 17 vials…it wasn’t fun, but needed to be done.


    • Sadly, it is going to take valium or something like that to get blood out of me. I am going to try to be brave tomorrow and get it done. I have a Dr appoint Thursday and if he asks, I am going to tell him that I have a major problem with this. He is just going to have to cut me some slack or be patient with me. It’s not like I want to be this way.

      Thanks jewwishes xoxo

  2. I hear they now have nasal spray flu vaccines, especially in the US. That could at least help one of your problems.

    It’s interesting seeing how you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum than me. I have so little of an issue with needles I donate plasma regularly and even enjoy watching all the stuff going in and out of me in the tubes.

    If your issue is common enough to have a name there must be ways people work to get over it. Ask your dr maybe.

  3. Elisheva, with the nasal flu vaccine, we asthmatics can’t have it–I thought of that too.

    James, you might be right-on about taking some sort of anti-anxiety med when you have to get needles done; def talk to your doctor about that if you can’t do it on your own. Because, like you said, both your blood work AND your flu shot need to be done [and done asap.]


    • We can’t? Why not? I can do anything anyone else can! Good thing I’m ok with shots… But why no nasal spray vaccine?

      • It’s cause you are inhaling a live but weakened virus directly into your compromised respirtory system. They also consider you immunocompromised from the inhaled steroids for the purposes of flu shots from what I was told last time I got a flu shot.

  4. James, as you know I have a needle issue, too. I’m nowhere near as bad as I used to be, but I’m still bad enough that I feel triumphant when I make it through a needle without passing out or crying.

    Things that I’ve tried include desensitization (didn’t help much, if at all, with the anxiety of getting a needle, but did eliminate my fear of a needle as an object, if that makes sense. Having an injection still terrifies me, but seeing a needle on a counter won’t send me into a faint anymore), calming techniques (need a lot of practice, and work only if you start them before you even start feeling anxious, I find), and psyching myself up (“you can do this!” type of mental dialog)… I saw a therapist for a while who gave me the desensitization techniques. Laying down helps, as does letting them know ahead of time, and asking for a quiet room for the needle to be done in.

    I second what the others say about anti-anxiety meds. If you can’t sit through without it, they definitely take the edge off… if I ever need extensive dental work, I’ll probably have to ask for anti-anxiety meds (because I’ve had cavities drilled without anaesthetic because my fear was so bad before). I could not sit for a needle in my face.

    Also, try not to get embarrassed of your fear. Everyone has something they’re afraid of, after all, and you just have the poor luck to have an unavoidable fear. Try to congratulate yourself on having the strength to face your fear, instead of beating yourself up over being afraid. 🙂

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