Sunday Talk

Hi everyone,

Well, I should have taken yesterday off from all work and read a book or something. However, lawn work was needed and had no time on Sunday to do it. So, I spent most of Saturday ridding leaves from my lawn and mowing. Unfortunately, it was another weekend of smoking up the neighborhood. Yes, my neighbors where at again, leaf burning. The cool thing was, I was ready for it this time. I purchased a nice face mask earlier in the week and I wore it all the time that I was out side. Yeah, I felt kind of weird wearing it, but if it keeps my lungs from going crazy, it was all worth it. I do have sore lungs this morning but I am thinking it was from me breathing in the mask. I was breathing hard at times and they probably got a workout. I sure know the rest of my body did.

I was supposed to get in some big training mileage this morning but did not feel like it. No, I felt good and probably would have done fine. I keep thinking back at my last marathon, it’s training, and the big flare-up that followed it. I just can’t help being cautious. Well, being cautious has truly taken the wind out of my sails when it comes to motivation.  Think I will be OK, I still have time to get enough training in to make an honest attempt at my race, at least that is what I hope.

Well, running out of time…I hope everyone’s weekend has been going well.

Be Well…


4 responses to “Sunday Talk

  1. What kind of mask did you get?

  2. I don’t think we go in for leaf buring as much here in the UK – we tend to compost what we can and let the rest decompose on the flower beds!

    • Well, that’s what I do too. Most of the time I smooth them out over the lawn and mulch them with the mower. The mower seems to grind them down to nothing. I am sure that helps my lawn. When it comes to my neighbors, those pyromaniacs just like to burn their leaves. I think my little village needs change their burning ordnance.

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