Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

Well, I am breathing well again. I am feeling the after effects of Prednisone at the moment but I can manage.

I can sum up the four-day weekend like this: sick, sick sick… Yeah, it was a real struggle at times but I survived. Not much to say really, just did the best I could, relaxing as much as possible.

Hopefully I will start getting back to some productive writing here shortly or maybe not.

Have a great week and be well!!!


2 responses to “Monday and the Weekend Wrap-up

  1. I am glad you are feeling better but sorry you had to suffer for four days on end. Asthma is obviously a tough issue.

    • Thanks Ilanadavita! Yeah, it sure seems that way for me. The doctor and I will keep plugging away at it until it is not so tough anymore. That is my hope anyway. Thankfully, I do have more good days than bad.

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