Friday Ramblings

Oh boy, it’s that time again. What’s that…its Friday Rambling time. I hope everyone had great week!

Health – What can I say other than…awesome! I don’t quite understand why dry cold air agrees with my lungs, but it does. It has been so much easier to breathe lately, yahoo (while knocking on some wood).

Marathon Training – In one word…Stinks! Weather has been rough and my knees have been cranky. Plus, throw in some lack of motivation in the mix also. I have been doing core exercises though. Yes, I am finding that I am pretty weak in that area. I have a big training walk this weekend that I have to at least make an attempt at. I know I am breathing well and everything, but my lung health has been a contributing factor in my lack of training. I just don’t want to have asthma complications right now and I am afraid that stress in relation with training will cause problems, it has before. I keep beating myself up over this, wondering if I am doing the right thing.

On a fun note– I was given the chance last night to play Mr. Mom in a “Mommy and Me” tumbling class. My oldest son “E” has been going to a tumbling class for two-year olds. Because they are still young, mothers get to assist their child through various tasks. Yesterday, unfortunately, DW was running a fever and not feeling well at all. So, if E was going to tumbling, it was going to have to be me as Mr. Mom. Actually, I was so excited to take him. He did so well and we had a blast together.

Faith and Religion Stuff– I will be honest, I have been a little down this week. Even though in reality, I know that I am not alone and have always a friend to talk too. I still feel alone! To be even more honest, I feel like a nobody. I know, I know, I shouldn’t feel this way because it’s not true, yet I still do. My faith in God is really strong so why is religion that important? I suppose that is the million dollar question. I guess the answer is, I feel like a nobody currently.

I could put my foot down and tell my life I built that it doesn’t matter anymore, because religion comes first. I am sure I could find many religious people who would agree with that. Although, I have this over whelming sense that if I do that, God will not be pleased with me. Now, I have seen where changing ones life for religion (Unfortunately, even having to divorce their spouse because of it) was pleasing to God and the right thing to do. I personally do not get those vibes at all.

Maybe it’s my “Do not rock the boat” attitude towards the issue that is the problem. Yeah, I have played the door mat for quite a will now. Sadly, I feel stuck, unable to find a solution.

What does James want? James wants a religious institution to call his own. He wants to go too religious service, religious functions, and hang-out with like-minded individuals and call them his good friend.

Yeah, that is what James wants and that is why he feels alone.


Have a great weekend everyone, please take care and be well!!!


8 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. I wish, for you, that you would have other Jewish friends that your online (but caring) friends.

  2. Woohoo for breathing well! Lucky you that your lungs get along with the cold air. We should all be like you 🙂

    That tumbling class sounds awesome! See if you can go again even when DW is feeling better.

    As always I wish you much luck on the faith and religion stuff. Is it something you are at least comfortable talking about with your wife or is it something she blows up at?

  3. One can be alone, but not feel lonely.

    Take care.

  4. Yay for tumbling class! Do they teach the adults any of it (like maybe shoulder rolls and break falls)? It sounds like fun, in any case. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I still visit your blog frequently, just have not commented much. No, not much teaching for the adults. Mainly, the mothers help their children through an obstacle course and then trampolines. My boy loves to jump. 🙂

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