Monday and Weekend Wrap-up

Hi, hope you had a great weekend!

My weekend went well. Saturday was the normal family stuff. Mainly, we shopped for food and spent time with my wife’s mom who is in poor health. Sunday it was training and house cleaning (or was it taking care of teething little R, my youngest boy).

Health – Well, I thought for sure that I starting to flare on Saturday, but it was sort lived, I was breathing fairly well on Sunday. Hopefully this new trend continues.

Marathon Training – Woohoo, I managed to get 20 miles in this weekend. Left IT band held together until the 19 miles this time, unlike two weeks ago where it hit me at mile 12. Best news is I was able to remain on pace this time. Yeah, it was hurting, but I had a lot more mobility. I also tested my new nutrition for the marathon with good results. I am going to use Perpetuem Solids from Hammer Nutrition. I have been using Hammer Nutrition’s gels for a year now and although they have gotten the job done, I am just not convinced it is the appropriate source of calories that I need. Plus, they recommend using Perpetuem products with any training or race that is over 2 hours. Well, my marathons are over 6 hours. The reason I have not used this product before is that Perpetuem only came in liquid form and spoiled easily. I could not find a way to use them safely in a marathon because I have to carry my nutrition the whole race from start to finish. That’s where the solids come in. I am able to carry them with no worries. Another reason, the solids are new and have only been out a month. I am so glad that they are available now.

Anyway, I see hope for me yet.


2 responses to “Monday and Weekend Wrap-up

  1. 20 miles is awesome! Good job!

    • Thanks Elisheva! I can humbly admit, it was pretty epic miles. This has been the third time I have been to this distance. One of them being a marathon.

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