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Weekend – Were did it go!

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend was a good one.

My weekend was a little busy. The whole family ventured out on Saturday to visit my Mother-n-Law in the hospital. She is actually doing fairly well, considering the doctors have not decided on the treatment yet. Rumor has it that she might be coming home until the decision is made. She seems to have a lot more energy now and hopefully that continues. After the visit with Grandma, we headed out to run some errands real quick. It turned out to be a pretty nice day.

Sunday, I rested quite a bit. I did manage to do more work in the closet. Yeah, that whole thing is slow going. I think the decision on how we want it done has been eating up most of the time. I need to run out today and get some parts to finish the project. Hopefully, I can muster up the energy to finish tonight.

Health – Much better! My energy level has been really poor. I can’t believe that I am the same man who did 39.3 miles three weeks ago. Saturday was a little too much for me but I made it through. Sunday, I was just exhausted and needed some couch time. I did manage to get a closet organizer hung but ended up nebing afterwards. I feel pretty good today but still feel out of breath at times, still much better.

Walking – I have been doing some revamping my racing schedule for 2011 (see Walking Events Page). Even though I have some reservations, I removed the half marathons and added a 10k and some smaller races. I do have some higher mileage on the list, 15K and 10 mile. I really want to do them and the races are part of a Triple Crown Challenge with my local runners club (here is a post on this from 2010). Hopefully, they will do it again this year. If not, I will do it for the fun of it either way. I am also thinking about doing the Fight for Air Climb in two weeks. I need to see if my work will be nice enough to sponsor me. It is a fund-raiser and the enter fee is a little steep without a bit of help. Since it is for the American Lung Association, it is pretty dear to my heart.

Well, that is about it…

Be well and have a great week!

Update – Whoops, looks like I jumped the gun on the Fight for Air Climb. I won’t be able to do it, maybe next year.

Update  2 – Darn, I just realized that the Triple Crown Challenge is for first timers and I have already done a Frost Bite 10 mile race. So, I won’t qualify the official challenge. That’s OK, I will have my own Triple Crown Challenge. 🙂


Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, welcome to another addition of Friday Ramblings on Religiously Challenged Blog site. He he, so formal!

I wish I could say that this was a great week; I sure wish it where so. My health has been in a state of crumminess and Mother-n-Law is in the hospital. Yeah, my Mother-n-Law was admitted on Wednesday with Atrial Fibrillation. This has been very frustrating for my wife and I. See, we have been telling her since mid December that something was really wrong. Sadly, she typically listens to my wife’s sister on the most important matters and this sister usually is literally clueless about medical stuff (although, she puts on a good show).

For a while now my Sister-n-Law has been giving really bad advice and making poor choices for her elderly mother (Behind my wife’s back, no less). My wife is an Occupational Therapist and knows a little bit about this stuff and works with the elderly most of the time. She knew exactly what was wrong with her mother but her mother would not listen to her or seek much-needed help. Heck, my sister-n-law played right along with her mother helping make it worse. The doctor was baffled yesterday because my Mother-n-Law said she could not tell that her heart was racing out of control. No, I believe she did know. The woman is so scared to death of dying and hospitals that I am pretty sure she blocked it out. I suspect fear can make a person do irrational things at times.

Anyway, if the woman was so scared of dying and in complete denial, why continue to go to the doctor. Eventually its going to get so bad the doctor is going to force hospitalization, which is what happened this week. I learned yet another thing this week because of all this, take charge of my health and listen to what my body is telling me, seek help if needed. Do not play around!

On a really sad note, is my Mother-n-law going to be OK? I certainly hope so, I love the woman, but she is really frail. She should have not let this go until it went beyond to late.

Health – I hate sounding like a broken record lately. Maybe I should just say everything is great and no worries. Do my friends want that? My guess is no! I am still struggling quite a bit. Nebbing ever three hours yesterday was pretty much borderline needing to seek help. I seem to be doing better today but I am not sure this is an upswing. I seem to be rollercoastering (is that even a word). I am still feeling a tad skittish about seeking help after my last run-in with Express Care. I am going to get with the Pulmonologist next week if my lack of control continues through the weekend.

Blog News – I need to share some religious related stuff with you but I am unable to write the darn thing yet. Main reason is because it is a little emotional. I will try to post it next week. Please don’t hold me to it though! I am also working on the Disney race reports, they are slow going too.

Well, that is about it.

Please take care and Be Well!!! Have a great weekend!!! xxx

Asthma – No! I do not have chest pain!

Ok, it has been two weeks since my visit to Express Care, but this event still resonates in my head and I feel the need to write about it.

It was a Wednesday, the day started pretty well. My lungs were feeling a little off, but it seemed manageable. Everything started going down hill just after I got off work. I had to go to the pharmacy because I procrastinated getting a Med, which now had run out. I think the shortness of breath started while the pharmacy fulfilled my prescription. After my prescription was filled, I headed to my car and it started hitting me hard. One would think that driving a car is not that physical, try it while laboring to breathe. I knew this was bad. So I decided that I needed help and the Express Care that I always visit was just down the road.

I guess some back story is needed. The weekend before, I went to Walt Disney World and participated in their half and full marathon, which consisted of one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Unfortunately, last time I did a marathon it required a visit to my Pulmonologist for help. This time around, this was much worse and I needed help much sooner.

I made it to Express Care. I walked in the place and wouldn’t you know it, they were really busy. The person at the desk told me that I might be better off trying one of their other facilities. The problem with that is, the next one is clear across town and I might pass out before that happens. Well, I let the person know that I am progressing into a serious asthma attack. I figured that I would have to wait to get admitted so I thought it would be a good time to start taking some Ventolin hits, something I haven’t started doing yet. Yeah, I should have done that in my car on the way over.

I guess people with breathing issues do not wait in the waiting area. Next thing I know, a tech came out with a wheelchair and I was rushed to the examining room. I realize that they have no idea what is happening to me without ordering tests. The first thing they gave me was a breathing treatment. I so welcomed that! Last visit, when I got smoked out from my neighborhood burning leaves, they gave me a combination Neb of Albuterol and Xopenex. This time I am pretty sure the nurse said, but could be wrong, they were giving a combination Neb of Albuterol and Epinephrine. What ever it was, it was not misty like strait Albuterol, strange stuff. Whoops, I forgot to mention. They repeated ask me if I was having chest pain. I guess they thought I was having heart attack symptoms. Nope, I have no pain.

It wasn’t long into the breathing treatment that the EKG arrived. The tech did not have to tell me that my shirt needed to come off. The tech acted kind of surprised by that. I have had a few and I know the drill. After the breathing treatment and EKG was done, I moved back into a wheelchair and head off to get some x-rays of my chest done. I really did not think this was needed and it turned out I didn’t.

After all that, I was back in my room. I was still not breathing very well and the nurse asked if I wanted some oxygen. She told me that it would help. I have never been on O2 before but I said, what the heck, lets give it a try. Wow, that really did the trick. My breathing went to normal in only a few minutes, although, I could really feel in my chest that I had been breathing hard.  As I look back, I was starting to get exhausted from breathing that hard.

Now the fun begins, the doctor arrives. I know that doctors are really knowledgeable. But, when EKG are good, chest x-ray are good, and listening to me breathe is good, this doesn’t not mean that I am not having troubles. The doctor gave me the feeling that I really did not need to come in. I should have used my rescue inhaler and everything would have been great. He even asked were my inhaler was, it was in my pocket.

I think I will digress a moment, it has been my experience that when I get these breathing symptoms, Ventolin does not seem to react very well. Just yesterday I was experiencing the same thing while waiting at the checkout in a grocery store. I had taken a couple of hits off the Ventolin inhaler because I felt it coming on. Did it help, it might have a little but I suffered all the way home and did much better after an Albuterol Sulfate Neb.

I know now how it feels to feel guilty about wasting the time of these Express Care staff. I have read blog posts from asthmatics who have felt the same way, now I understand. I am still going to pester them because it is my life and not theirs. Is it just me or is Asthma misunderstood by even medical professionals?

Whew, this is a big post. Ok, I ended up on antibiotics, prednisone, and albuterol Nebs every two to three hours. It took about six days to get back to normal.

Asthma – I Can’t Win!

Well, I lost the battle with my sinuses and it got my lungs. I guess the bad day on Sunday was my lungs telling me they have been compromised. From what I can tell, it feels like the start of a chest cold. Dang, I just got over a major flare and now this. Like the title says, I can’t win.

I am hoping this does not turn into something I really hate, the dread bronchitis (yuck).

Monday – A New Week

Hi Everyone, hope your weekend went well.

I had a pretty productive weekend. Earlier in the week the plastic anchors that hold the shelf up in the closet gave way causing everything to came crashing down. DW was getting a shirt and came down on her hand, breaking the skin. I am glad that the weight didn’t break her hand. So Saturday, we ventured out to find a new closet organizer. Can you guess what I did Sunday? If you guessed rebuilding the closet, you are correct. Unfortunately, I guess I am a slow poke at closet organizers and it took forever to get the first one up. So tonight, I need to continue putting up the side organizers. DW is already pretty happy with her new closet, which is a good thing.

Health – Saturday was pretty good but Sunday was a tad rough. I ended up taking a few Nebs throughout the day because my lungs kept getting cranky. Today seems to be OK but will be taking it easy. I think I am going to add this to the health section also. My IT Band decided Saturday to hurt like crazy. I ended up KT Taping the knee and that seemed to help. By Sunday the pain seemed to subside. I guess there is still some irritation there from the marathon weekend two weeks ago.

Well that is about it. I have been working on race reports but it will take some more time to reflect on them.

Be well and have a great week, everyone!!!

Friday Ramblings

Hi Everyone! Its Friday already! I am still trying to figure out were the week went.

Health – I am back to normal for the most part. My sinuses are giving me some trouble and I doing my best to win the battle.

Asthma and Marathons – I have thinking about this a whole bunch. If it was up to me, I would strive to have 10 marathons under my belt before I hit 50 years of age. Why, because there is something appealing about it. I like the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me. I like the battle between me and 26.2 miles. I like that I can play race strategy and execute a well thought out plan. I love that I can share this sport with my sister and have something we can do together.

Unfortunately, there is another side to this story, which is my asthma. The last two weeks have been not so great. Yes, I was sick because of doing a marathon. I have been told by numerous people that I should stop doing them and focus on my health. If you read last weeks Friday Ramblings, I kind of ranted about this. Yes, I am still thinking about it because the subject keeps being brought up.

I realize that people care about me and I truly appreciate it. Plus, I am listening, believe it or not. That is why I am going to talk to my pulmonologist about what we could do to make being an athlete better for me. I will also have the discussion that I dread, rather what I am doing is hurting my lungs or not. I have a pretty good idea why my lungs went crazy. For one, marathons are very stressful on the whole body. Plus, the extended duration of the event, increase of blood flow and oxygen intake, hyper irritated my lungs to a point that my controller meds could not counter it. Interesting part of this is, why does it take three days to surface? Both marathons ended up being this way.

Going back to what I said last week, should I just let my asthma tell me what to do? Don’t get me wrong, I do listen to my body. I know that it is hard for some to believe, but I do. Many times during my training for the marathons last year, I stopped training because I had that feeling that my lungs could not take it. Sadly, I made that decision even though missing training would not be helpful. That is why I am having so much trouble with overuse injures. Frankly, I am playing catch-up all the time and I am unable to put in the appropriate base miles. Putting in the proper base mileage is crucial for an injury free marathon and training. I have a lot to learn.

Should I quit the big mileage events? Sadly, it would break my heart if I have to. I want to stop on my terms and not on asthma terms. I am having a great time and just don’t want to retire yet from this distance or beyond.

Well, enough with the ranting. I should start calling this post “Friday Ranting”.

I wish everyone a great weekend and Be Well!!!

Weekend – Simply Exhausting

Hi Everyone! I was thing real hard about not writing something today but I decided to anyway. I kind of have been sick for a few days because of self-inflicted breathing issues.

My weekend was a little more hectic than I really wanted. Saturday we needed to run some errands. I thought I was up to the task but the errands took most of the day and I was worn out. Sunday we stayed home and I tried to rest as much as I could, although it is kind of hard when I have two little boys that need daddy’s attention.

Anyway, I am doing OK. Other than feeling the prednisone blues, my breathing seems to be turning around for the better. I am still going to have to take easy for a little longer.

Have a great week everyone! Please Be Well!!!