Monday – The Day After

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was a good one.

I am still in Orlando FL as of this writing but will be flying home tonight. What a weekend, it was definitely all about racing. Good news, I completed my goals and have three medals to prove it.

Last February I signed up for the Walt Disney World Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge (half marathon  on Saturday and marathon on Sunday) not knowing that I would have asthma later on that year. I was going to train hard and have a good race. Unfortunately, do to asthma, I was not able to train as much as needed. Although, I did just get enough in to get the job done.

Saturday was the half marathon. I did a great job pacing to conserve for the next day, but it ended up being an off day and I was wrecked after the race. My IT band on my left leg (Yes, the same one that always gives me troubles) hurt so bad that I could not walk much. I did not know if I could actually walk the marathon the next day.

Sunday, I managed to make it to the starting line. Nothing had changed, it was hurting with every step. KT Tape that I put on the night before was not helping so I put on my IT band strap. That still did not seem to make it any better. I started thinking that this was just not to be.

The race started and a strange thing happened, the sharp pain started to fade and I was able to sustain my planned pace. Yes, it was quite tender all of the race but I could manage that. The only sections that killed me were the downhills. I pretty much had to limp down them.

Anyway, this is not really a race report, but I did manage to pull off a 39.3 mile weekend. How did my lungs do? I have been breathing quite well here in Florida. My lungs started complaining about mile 25 of the marathon and that is about it.

As for today, I am hurting but better than I thought it would be. My left IT Band is hurting really bad but I suspected that. My feet are hurting and I have a little shin pain. Actually, none of these things I mentioned is out of the ordinary. The really cool thing is, I only have a few blisters. Yes, there are some small ones, but nothing major. I was kind of surprised by that. Plus, no black toes this time around.

Well, that is about it.

Have a great week everyone and be well!


7 responses to “Monday – The Day After

  1. Seven hours of walking to the finish means you need to take a break.

  2. I am doing okay, thanks.

    Yes, it IS an order. LOLOL. But, knowing you…

  3. Wow! That’s a crazy amount of miles! Keep it up! And here I am proud of myself for my 2-3 mile jogs…

  4. Knowing what I now know about your post race asthma nasties, I could go back and re-read this and say you overdid it. But life is there for taking the bull by the horns, and if you don’t strike while the iron is hot-etc etc!

    I think what you achieved is amazing-you’re a crazy running addict for sure-and I bet your lungs aren’t the only bit of you that’s sore right now-…..knees feet and hips!

    Just wallow in the glory of what you achieved in Fla and thank G-d for it! xx

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