Weekend – Simply Exhausting

Hi Everyone! I was thing real hard about not writing something today but I decided to anyway. I kind of have been sick for a few days because of self-inflicted breathing issues.

My weekend was a little more hectic than I really wanted. Saturday we needed to run some errands. I thought I was up to the task but the errands took most of the day and I was worn out. Sunday we stayed home and I tried to rest as much as I could, although it is kind of hard when I have two little boys that need daddy’s attention.

Anyway, I am doing OK. Other than feeling the prednisone blues, my breathing seems to be turning around for the better. I am still going to have to take easy for a little longer.

Have a great week everyone! Please Be Well!!!


5 responses to “Weekend – Simply Exhausting

  1. Be well yourself, James!

  2. Take the time to breathe, so to speak and don’t stretch yourself too far.
    Best wishes for a hasty and lasting recovery.

  3. Yes, you are your own worst enemy. 🙂 I know…

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