Monday – A New Week

Hi Everyone, hope your weekend went well.

I had a pretty productive weekend. Earlier in the week the plastic anchors that hold the shelf up in the closet gave way causing everything to came crashing down. DW was getting a shirt and came down on her hand, breaking the skin. I am glad that the weight didn’t break her hand. So Saturday, we ventured out to find a new closet organizer. Can you guess what I did Sunday? If you guessed rebuilding the closet, you are correct. Unfortunately, I guess I am a slow poke at closet organizers and it took forever to get the first one up. So tonight, I need to continue putting up the side organizers. DW is already pretty happy with her new closet, which is a good thing.

Health – Saturday was pretty good but Sunday was a tad rough. I ended up taking a few Nebs throughout the day because my lungs kept getting cranky. Today seems to be OK but will be taking it easy. I think I am going to add this to the health section also. My IT Band decided Saturday to hurt like crazy. I ended up KT Taping the knee and that seemed to help. By Sunday the pain seemed to subside. I guess there is still some irritation there from the marathon weekend two weeks ago.

Well that is about it. I have been working on race reports but it will take some more time to reflect on them.

Be well and have a great week, everyone!!!


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