Asthma – I Can’t Win!

Well, I lost the battle with my sinuses and it got my lungs. I guess the bad day on Sunday was my lungs telling me they have been compromised. From what I can tell, it feels like the start of a chest cold. Dang, I just got over a major flare and now this. Like the title says, I can’t win.

I am hoping this does not turn into something I really hate, the dread bronchitis (yuck).


9 responses to “Asthma – I Can’t Win!

  1. Do take care and take it easy!

  2. Yuck. Stay hydrated and do your best to take ‘er easy, my friend.
    Hang in there!

  3. ugh….. yes…stay hydrated. hit that incentive spirometer maybe.

  4. Sinus trouble is certainly a risk for asthma being bad, from my blog:
    Good luck with treating it!
    PS You CAN win, but it’s hard work…

  5. Big sister is watching. Remember what I have told you.

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