Weekend – Were did it go!

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend was a good one.

My weekend was a little busy. The whole family ventured out on Saturday to visit my Mother-n-Law in the hospital. She is actually doing fairly well, considering the doctors have not decided on the treatment yet. Rumor has it that she might be coming home until the decision is made. She seems to have a lot more energy now and hopefully that continues. After the visit with Grandma, we headed out to run some errands real quick. It turned out to be a pretty nice day.

Sunday, I rested quite a bit. I did manage to do more work in the closet. Yeah, that whole thing is slow going. I think the decision on how we want it done has been eating up most of the time. I need to run out today and get some parts to finish the project. Hopefully, I can muster up the energy to finish tonight.

Health – Much better! My energy level has been really poor. I can’t believe that I am the same man who did 39.3 miles three weeks ago. Saturday was a little too much for me but I made it through. Sunday, I was just exhausted and needed some couch time. I did manage to get a closet organizer hung but ended up nebing afterwards. I feel pretty good today but still feel out of breath at times, still much better.

Walking – I have been doing some revamping my racing schedule for 2011 (see Walking Events Page). Even though I have some reservations, I removed the half marathons and added a 10k and some smaller races. I do have some higher mileage on the list, 15K and 10 mile. I really want to do them and the races are part of a Triple Crown Challenge with my local runners club (here is a post on this from 2010). Hopefully, they will do it again this year. If not, I will do it for the fun of it either way. I am also thinking about doing the Fight for Air Climb in two weeks. I need to see if my work will be nice enough to sponsor me. It is a fund-raiser and the enter fee is a little steep without a bit of help. Since it is for the American Lung Association, it is pretty dear to my heart.

Well, that is about it…

Be well and have a great week!

Update – Whoops, looks like I jumped the gun on the Fight for Air Climb. I won’t be able to do it, maybe next year.

Update  2 – Darn, I just realized that the Triple Crown Challenge is for first timers and I have already done a Frost Bite 10 mile race. So, I won’t qualify the official challenge. That’s OK, I will have my own Triple Crown Challenge. 🙂


10 responses to “Weekend – Were did it go!

  1. Are you not running anymore? Walking instead? Or both?

    • Hi Elisheva, no, I just walk (sometimes pretty fast). I was planning to start run/walking last summer but asthma hit and changed my plans. I am planning to see if I can try again this year. If not, I will work on being an even faster walker.

  2. It is important to make sure your aims match your health.
    Take care!

  3. You know that I totally agree with what Ilana said. Priorities should be health, being there for family, and walking in context with your reactions and after effects and affects with your asthma.

    • Just curious… Rayna Eliana, are you asthmatic? It’s incredibly frustrating to have anything keep youu from what you want to be doing.

      James, I’m impressed with your resolve to try again next year. Shoot for the stars! 🙂

  4. Oops, forgot…I answered your email.

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