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What a Weekend

Hi Everyone, I sure hope your weekend was fabulous.

I had a pretty good weekend even though my health was not so good. I tried to make the best of it. I have been short of breath all weekend and my energy level was poor. On Saturday, the family and I ran errands and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The whole day I had to sit down and take breathers to catch my breath. Sunday, we stayed home and I tried to do a little as I could. I did do a little house work and had to take frequent breaks because I was out of breath. It was frustrating for sure, but I really did try my hardest to be upbeat about it. Although, being a whinny baby sure was tempting.

That’s about it…

Take Care and have a wonderful week.


Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, hope your week went well. Little R is doing a lot better. Thanks so much for the well wishes, it was greatly appreciated. It seems that there is a respiratory virus running rampant around here and a lot of children have been hit hard by it. Big brother E had it too but only ran a fever for a short time and a heavy cough. Poor little R really took the brunt of this nasty thing.

A little more on the little R story, the pediatrician wants him to be on budesonie neb treatment twice a day for the rest of the winter and albuterol nebs for wheezing. Even though spring is just a few weeks away, I suspect that he will be on this treatment much longer. Although, I could be wrong and I hope I am.

My Health – Hmmm…do you really want to know? I am doing OK. Unfortunately, a solid month of poor control and a bad doctor visit, has weighed heavy on me.

Training – Did a 5K on Monday and not much else.

Well that is about it…

For some, have a great weekend and for others, I wish a great week ahead!!!

Take Care!!!

Grrr…They want to jab me again.

Yes, the blood work saga continues. In the last episode, I was contemplating getting my blood work done but failed, twice even. It seems that I loose it every time they wrap that rubber thingy around my arm. I just freak out and head down the panic attack corridor, it’s not good.

Well, yesterday I visited my pulmonologist and things did not go well. My lung function was lower than last visit, not sure how low because he didn’t say, but I am sure that it was bad. We discussed the whole marathon thing and how down hill I have been afterwards. He seems to thing that something else is causing this and ordered a ton of blood work to try to figure it out. One problem, it is one thing to order it, it is another to get me to actually do it. Yeah, I truly understand the importance of these tests. I hate when I am told how important they are, like I am stupid or something. I feel like they think I am trying be !@#$% about it.

So, here I am again contemplating getting my new blood work done and the old one too. It is no wonder when I get my blood pressure checked at the doctors office, my pressure is threw the roof. I will admit, I am nervous about how the visit is going to go every time.

This time around, I told my pulmonologist my problem and he seemed not to care. It really bothers me that he offered no help. He just told me to get it done and pretty much left it at that.

Here are my thoughts on this, irrational or not. Yesterday, I just wanted to give up (still on my mind today). Heck, if there was a way I could survive at 50% lung function without medication I would do it. Yes, I have a problem. I told you it is not rational.

I feel alone! I want to get my blood work done. I wish it was as simple as going in and getting it done.

Some Catch-up Rambling

Howdy folks, I am still around.

Little “R” update – For those that might not know, my youngest son little R was hospitalize for low O2 saturation due to pneumonia and bronchitis (Is that possible to have both?). He responded really well to his antibiotic treatments and started feeling better the next day. I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of both my boys. His older brother, “E”, was so loving towards his little brother and R was such a trooper.

My health – It has been not that great, aren’t you sick of hearing that from me? I was hitting the nebs quite a bit this weekend for shortness of breath. Heck, Saturday morning around 1:30am, I guess I was getting close to full obstruction, because I awoke to some serious breathing problems. After a neb and sitting up for a while, things improved. This has not been my first time for this sort of thing, not fun. Plus, that was a long day.

I had a pulmonologist visit and spirometry test, which it showed a down turn. Yeah, I knew that was going to happen. So, he is bumping my steroid meds up, yet again. Seriously, how much steroid can a person take before adverse affects? Good grief, I feel like I take a lot. Also, this means the insomnia thing again until I get used to the bump-up, darn.

Training – Well, I managed to venture out yesterday and walked a 5K. I was slow as molasses and couldn’t keep pace for nothing. I mean, I could barely hold a 16:00 min/mile. I have cruised in my marathons at a better pace than that. Wow, I am still baffled; can a person loose that much fitness level in one month?  It is strange though, I seemed to have my endurance but my legs are so weak. I guess this means I have to step back and do a from scratch build-up again.

Religion – I am still doing a lot of reflection in this department. Again, I am having trouble with prayer. I have plenty of liturgies to use but lack courage to follow though. It truly is most annoying.

I have plenty of post worthy topics rattling around in this head of mine but have been unable to put in words. Spiritual related stuff I take very seriously and sometimes I need time to reflect on it.

I have been thinking about taking on a challenge on the blog Godspace. Christine, the blog’s author, every year has a challenge to write a reflection on a certain theme during Lent. This year the question is, “Following Jesus, what difference has it made?” I am not sure what I will write will fit into her thoughts on the question, but I am thinking about giving it a try. Frankly, I need to do this for reconciliation. None the less, I enjoy her blog and hope that, if I actually manage to write a reflection, that it is helpful to the challenge.

That’s all folks…

Take Care!!!

Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, I hope your week went well. I am trying to write this post from my Blackberry. It is kind of cool that I can. However, I have to admit, the teeny keyboard makes for slow typing.

My youngest son was admitted into the hospital last night due to low O2 sats from pneumonia. Poor little guy, his first birthday is tomorrow and it sounds like we have to put his birthday party on hold. He is in good hands, so I am not going to worry to much.

Health – I had a good week for the most part. Both of my boys where sick this week, so I managed to forget to take my Meds Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It was about 24 hours span off my controller Meds. Needless to say, I have forgotten how bad I was those few months last year before seeking help. This little episode reminds me that I am on the right track. Oh, and it also reminded me why I was diagnosed with moderate to severe asthma.

Training – I did manage to hit the roads and walk a few miles this week. It was good to get back out there.

That is about it. I didn’t post much this week, which was unfortunate.

Have a great weekend and take care!

Friday Ramblings

Howdy everyone, I hope you have had a good week. I have been a tad busy lately at work this week and my home life is not that much easier. Hey, what did I expect, I have two youngins who like to have lots of dad time.

If you get a chance please visit “Asthma – How about a virtual race” and add a creative race name to the mix. So far I really like Elisheva’s suggestion. Plus, let me know your thoughts on the race. I don’t want this to be my race. I want it to be our race.

Health – I feel normal again! I think my lungs can handle physical exercise again. Good, because I have had to take a month off of training and I gained 7 pounds, booo.

Training – I think I am going to start maintenance training to keep my base fitness level up. Nothing fancy, probably 5Ks at various speed levels, although, the first few training walks will probably be at slow-pock pace. I am looking forward to some short and sweet walks again. I still need to find the time to map out my 10K training plan for my first race of the season. I want to at least equal my efforts to the last 10Ks I have done. Or maybe get a PR out of it.

Well, that is all folks…

Take care of yourselves and have a great weekend!!!

Asthma – How about a virtual race

Last year I discovered virtual racing from an online fitness community. Basically it is a race of 5K/10K distance done anyway the person likes in a certain time period. The one I did was St Patrick’s Day Virtual 5k/10K. I actually had a business trip to Oakbrook, IL the week of the race. So, I completed the 10K on the wonderful running trails meandering all over the Chicago suburb.

So, today I got this brilliant idea (which remains to be seen) to start a virtual race for Asthma Awareness Month in May.  I was thinking the time frame is May 1st through the 8th. This would coincide with World Asthma Day on May 3rd.

Anyone interested?

If so…To-do List.

1. Name for the race. (Suggestions wanted)
2. Race ideas
3. Make new blog site to accommodate race sign-up, discussion, race reports.
4. A logo would be nice. (I personally am not creative – Help Please)

Let’s have fun with this and Rock the month of May for Asthma Awareness!