Friday Ramblings

Seriously, where in the heck did my week go?

Hi friends, I hope your week was more productive than the one I had. Tuesday, my neck of the woods got hit by a relatively severe snow storm. The snow started falling around noon and my company decided to call it quiets by 2pm. Thank goodness I was on the road by 2pm because if I was any later heading home, I think I wouldn’t have made it. Wednesday, my work decided to stay closed, which it did not matter because I was completely snowed in. Plus, my county had closed all the roads and threaten to ticket any one they catch out. It pretty much was emergency vehicles only. I waited until about mid morning to venture out side to dig out the dive way. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors who helped me dig out.  Thursday, was much better, but bitter cold in the morning, -7 F (-21 C) with a feel like temp of -20 F (-28 C). My county and township did a wonderful job getting the roads cleared.

Health – It has been a struggle at times this week, but I have improved over last week. Feeling good this morning so I hope it stays that way. I shouldn’t have ventured out to scoop snow of Wednesday because I went down hill a little afterwards. Anyway, I am still plugging away at it with hopes of regaining control of my asthma soon.

Religion – I have been given a request to start whining about religion again. I have been slipping from my blog’s namesake. Well, I have had plenty of things to whine about. But first, I need to clear the air with my readership first. I was supposed to write something up this week but that didn’t happen. No, I am not trying to keep my readers in suspense.

Training – I am probably going to start getting out there shortly. I am just going to do small walks to maintain some sort of fitness level. Plus, test these lungs of mine and see if the cut back makes them a little happier. I am also formulating a training plan to get ready for my first 10K of the year. I have to admit, 10Ks are kind of fun.

Well, that is about it folks…

Have a great weekend and I wish you much happiness!!! Take Care…


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Yay religion stuff! I’m waaaiiitttiiing! 🙂

  2. Have a good week, James.

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