Religion – I need to move on

I think I am going to get right to the point.

I am returning to Christianity.

Actually, I made this decision in December, probably not a real big surprise to anyone. Reason, not sure really, but it seems to be the right choice for me. No, I make this decision of my own accord. I am not doing it for my family, friends, or God. Although, I feel that God has led me back to this religion.

More than likely I will stay with the United Methodist Church, which is my wife’s church. Not sure what this means but I can at least have a spiritual home to call my own. Yes, there is a lot of spiritual work ahead of me, especially reconciling a difference of opinion on theology. I have a lot of family and friends in the UMC, so I wouldn’t be alone in the journey.

Anyway, this was a pretty rough post to write. I must have written quite a few drafts before just making it short and to the point. I guess I am just scared of what my friends will take from this.

That’s it…


14 responses to “Religion – I need to move on

  1. Breathe…inhale…exhale.

    If your friends aren’t accepting, then they are not really friends.

  2. What did you think? That we’d jump at your throat?
    Hoping that your choice will bring you peace of mind and happiness.

  3. Does this mean you’re no longer challenged and there will be no more religion posts?? I hope there are more. That’s my favorite part of your blog! Tho now I am extra curious to see some more if those missing posts. So far it seems as tho everyone’s more than fine with your decision and no one’s out to get you. Are you disappointed? 😉

    • Dang it, can’t someone be paranoid and lack trust around here? 😀

      No worries Elisheva, there will be religions posts in this blog’s future.

  4. You wont be the 1st person I have met who has dabbled with Judaisim and Christianity.
    Whatever your spiritual needs-the right God is there for you.
    And we-your multi-faith online asthma friends will no doubt be around to help you with any confuzzled thought processes.

    I for one believe it is all the same God but in different manifestations. I speak as a Catholic!

    Hugs xx

    • Thanks Sus! I like the different manifestations approach. I was a Christian for 20 years until the fallout. I am just not the same person anymore. Although, I believe like you do, God with be there for me regardless of my struggles.

      Hugs Back xx

  5. Not sure how qualified I am to comment on this, since I’m probably your only areligious reader, but I second what Rayna Eliana said: If your friends aren’t accepting, they’re not really your friends.

    I think people who try to foist their spiritual views on those around them are arrogant arses. It’s one thing to chat, it’s quite another to shove belief (or disbelief, as the case may be) down another’s throat. If your friends don’t want to associate with you because you don’t subscribe to the same religion as them, maybe they’re not the sort of people you want to be around, anyway. This is why I hold almost as low a view of Dawkins as I do of Fred Phelps, and the only reason I view Dawkins more warmly than Phelps is because Dawkins just isn’t as hateful.

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah and your thoughts are just as important as anyone else’s.

      “I think people who try to foist their spiritual views on those around them are arrogant arses.” – You are definitely not alone on this one. I am not a fan of proselytizing.

  6. James, actually it isn’t easy for me to breathe, inhale, exhale. It was just a reminder for you to accept your choice and not be so scared of reactions.

    • No, I understand what you meant. I meant no offense by my comment. Wow, this is a second time lately that I made a reply comment to you that I have regretted, sorry. I realized that I had been over thinking things again and, yes ,I was scared of the reaction. In turn, I tried to lighten things up and made a dumb comment.

      You’re the last person I would want to disappoint.

  7. James — I probably don’t even have to say how happy this makes me (especially don’t have to say it if you’re familiar with my story) so here’s a ((VIRTUAL HUG)) on the re-commitment 🙂 — really cool how God works when we don’t expect it, eh?

    On a similar note, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ed Kowalczyk and Live lately, and this sounds quite similar to his spiritual journey, which is really cool! 🙂 I’ve got a link to some stuff on my non-asthma blog about his story, but their/his music is awesome and makes you think on the spiritual stuff if you haven’t checked it out. I can really relate to it, I’m sure you probably can too :).

    I’m not an evangelist or a faith-pusher by any means, but I love hearing people’s stories wherever they’re at — with God in them or without — and I look forward to the continuation of your journey! 🙂

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