Asthma – How about a virtual race

Last year I discovered virtual racing from an online fitness community. Basically it is a race of 5K/10K distance done anyway the person likes in a certain time period. The one I did was St Patrick’s Day Virtual 5k/10K. I actually had a business trip to Oakbrook, IL the week of the race. So, I completed the 10K on the wonderful running trails meandering all over the Chicago suburb.

So, today I got this brilliant idea (which remains to be seen) to start a virtual race for Asthma Awareness Month in May.  I was thinking the time frame is May 1st through the 8th. This would coincide with World Asthma Day on May 3rd.

Anyone interested?

If so…To-do List.

1. Name for the race. (Suggestions wanted)
2. Race ideas
3. Make new blog site to accommodate race sign-up, discussion, race reports.
4. A logo would be nice. (I personally am not creative – Help Please)

Let’s have fun with this and Rock the month of May for Asthma Awareness!


18 responses to “Asthma – How about a virtual race

  1. Yeah!! Great idea! Count me in! What do I have to do?

    Creative names. Hmm… thinking… I’ll get back to you on that. I gotta get back to studying. Economic history of the 20th century today…

  2. Great idea, count me in!

  3. Thanks Elisheva and Natasha! Still thinking of some simple rules and hoping for suggestions. I just want this to be something we can share together and have fun with even though we are in some ways, worlds apart. 😉

  4. Yeah, we’re all in different countries. That’s crazy!

    The Race for Respiration? Race for Respiratory Health? WAD Walk?

  5. Count me in too! I like the Race for Respiration personally. I’m not really halfway accross the world or even the continent.

  6. How about Achieve for Asthma Awareness? Can you see I’m really wracking my brain for alliterations here?

  7. I’m in! 😀

    I’ll also pimp it on my blog, and maybe we should ask Amy to feature it on her Friday Links sometime as May approaches?

  8. I like Race for Respiration first and Achieve for Asthma second.

    I couldn’t do a big distance, but 3 laps of our estate would equal a mile and I could walk the dog with me and I could sit on people’s walls whilst she sniffed. That would be a h**l of an achievement for me – she is capable!!! xx

  9. …..or I wonder if I could swim a mile-that would be 64 laps-I usually do 40 if I’m feeling up to it-that’s a km. Or I could do a mile walk and a km swim on consecutive days and end up in hospital on the 3rd day, ha ha, not really! xx

    (( …..Then it really would be a Race to the Emergency Room! ))

    • I think swimming would be ideal for this event, Sus! I am thinking, it would be best to keep the name at “Race for Respiration” and not add anything specific to it, like 5K/10K. It seems confusing to me when I look at the big picture. Basically I would like to see it be anything that keeps use active, so swimming fits perfectly. In the end it all about having fun and sharing are adventures together as a group. 🙂 xx

  10. Missed all this whilst I was away. Race for Respiration sounds cool!

  11. I also missed it while I was away, but I am SO in. 🙂 I’ve mentioned a virtual race in the past, but never tried to get it off the ground. ROCKING on the idea, James! 🙂

  12. Thanks Natasha and Kerri!!! 🙂

    I am still stumped on a name for a blog site to host this race. I guess I am just bad at naming stuff. 🙂 Two months to go!

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