Some Catch-up Rambling

Howdy folks, I am still around.

Little “R” update – For those that might not know, my youngest son little R was hospitalize for low O2 saturation due to pneumonia and bronchitis (Is that possible to have both?). He responded really well to his antibiotic treatments and started feeling better the next day. I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of both my boys. His older brother, “E”, was so loving towards his little brother and R was such a trooper.

My health – It has been not that great, aren’t you sick of hearing that from me? I was hitting the nebs quite a bit this weekend for shortness of breath. Heck, Saturday morning around 1:30am, I guess I was getting close to full obstruction, because I awoke to some serious breathing problems. After a neb and sitting up for a while, things improved. This has not been my first time for this sort of thing, not fun. Plus, that was a long day.

I had a pulmonologist visit and spirometry test, which it showed a down turn. Yeah, I knew that was going to happen. So, he is bumping my steroid meds up, yet again. Seriously, how much steroid can a person take before adverse affects? Good grief, I feel like I take a lot. Also, this means the insomnia thing again until I get used to the bump-up, darn.

Training – Well, I managed to venture out yesterday and walked a 5K. I was slow as molasses and couldn’t keep pace for nothing. I mean, I could barely hold a 16:00 min/mile. I have cruised in my marathons at a better pace than that. Wow, I am still baffled; can a person loose that much fitness level in one month?  It is strange though, I seemed to have my endurance but my legs are so weak. I guess this means I have to step back and do a from scratch build-up again.

Religion – I am still doing a lot of reflection in this department. Again, I am having trouble with prayer. I have plenty of liturgies to use but lack courage to follow though. It truly is most annoying.

I have plenty of post worthy topics rattling around in this head of mine but have been unable to put in words. Spiritual related stuff I take very seriously and sometimes I need time to reflect on it.

I have been thinking about taking on a challenge on the blog Godspace. Christine, the blog’s author, every year has a challenge to write a reflection on a certain theme during Lent. This year the question is, “Following Jesus, what difference has it made?” I am not sure what I will write will fit into her thoughts on the question, but I am thinking about giving it a try. Frankly, I need to do this for reconciliation. None the less, I enjoy her blog and hope that, if I actually manage to write a reflection, that it is helpful to the challenge.

That’s all folks…

Take Care!!!


4 responses to “Some Catch-up Rambling

  1. I hope everyone over there is breathing better soon. Also looking forward to more religion posts.

    • Thanks Elisheva, one of these days we will get everyone breathing well again. Actually, little R is doing a lot better. He has been a happy camper the last couple of days. There is a really nasty virus rooming around and it hits the little ones hard. The Dr said that the children’s hospital is swamped with children with respiratory infections.

      Geesh, no pressure on writing religion posts. LOL

  2. Re: pneumonia and bronchitis… my (non-medical professional) understanding is that pneumonia and bronchitis are both inflammatory lung conditions that can be caused by bacteria, but in pneumonia, the alveoli are inflammed and fill with fluid, whereas in bronchitis, it’s the bronchi that are inflammed. So I’d guess it’s possible to have both, in the same way it’s possible to have both tonsilitis and a mouth infection at the same time.

    Regarding little R, I’m glad he’s getting better, and I hope he stays on the upswing. 🙂

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