Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone, hope your week went well. Little R is doing a lot better. Thanks so much for the well wishes, it was greatly appreciated. It seems that there is a respiratory virus running rampant around here and a lot of children have been hit hard by it. Big brother E had it too but only ran a fever for a short time and a heavy cough. Poor little R really took the brunt of this nasty thing.

A little more on the little R story, the pediatrician wants him to be on budesonie neb treatment twice a day for the rest of the winter and albuterol nebs for wheezing. Even though spring is just a few weeks away, I suspect that he will be on this treatment much longer. Although, I could be wrong and I hope I am.

My Health – Hmmm…do you really want to know? I am doing OK. Unfortunately, a solid month of poor control and a bad doctor visit, has weighed heavy on me.

Training – Did a 5K on Monday and not much else.

Well that is about it…

For some, have a great weekend and for others, I wish a great week ahead!!!

Take Care!!!


5 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Hope little guy feels better soon. You take care of yourself, too.

    Soup. I am a big fan of soup for all…

  2. Hey – there is a chance R may actually be able to stop the treatments. Asthma’s hard to diagnose in babies because they can get asthma-like symptoms from so many other things too. And those things tend to go away. My friend’s baby was recently on nebs too and they were sure he had asthma, because my friend’s husband has been asthmatic since birth, but the doctor was hesitant to make a diagnosis and the baby is now breathing fine. Hopefully, R will be able to do that too.

    • I am with you Elisheva, this doesn’t mean he has asthma. Thanks for the reminder. Yeah, it is my hope that he grows out of it too. It might not help that he was 30 week gestational.

  3. It’s good that R is getting better! 😀

    Regarding what Elisheva said, also keep in mind that asthma treatments are much better than they were, say, 20 years ago when I was little. If he does have asthma, chances are very good that he’ll be able to achieve control (since people like you, Kerri, Steve, etc are the exception rather than the rule). *fingers crossed* that he gets off the nebs by summer, though. 🙂

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