Ash Wednesday 2011

This year, on my return to Christianity, I wanted to observe Lent, something I haven’t done before. Yes, this is the first time I have attend an Ash Wednesday service. Not really sure why but I guess that how it goes sometimes.

Normally, I would be more likely go to the United Methodist Church for most services, but this time around, I went to the Episcopal Church instead. I have always been quite fond of this Church and it’s stance on Social Justice (something that is dear to my heart). Frankly, I had never been to an Episcopal service and I was hoping to get the hang of it while I was there. My UMC has always been a “hang on to your seats” kind of service. This service in the Episcopal Church was more of a traditional liturgy service. Luckily, I am pretty well adept at liturgy, because of Judaism. I wasn’t worried about fumbling through.

The service started at 12pm, which made it easy to attend. My UMC had their service at 7pm and I am pretty sure my wife was not interested in going, unless something has changed in the last 15 years. Earlier I had to run some company errands before noon and managed to get myself in a bout of dyspnea. So, with little time I had before leaving, I quickly got the nebulizer out and did a breathing treatment. After finishing that I headed to church. At first I was wondering if it was wise to have done this today, because I was pretty rough waiting for the service to start while seated in the pew. Luckily, the breathing treatment helped with the coughing but, unfortunately, took its sweet time fighting the dyspnea.

It was a great service. I played it by ear. I screwed up a numerous times, but found it to be spiritual uplifting. I had never had the sign of the cross from ashes on my forehead before. That was kind of interesting. Plus, I had never been to a Eucharist before, but I made it though.

All in all, it was a great experience. I am glad that I took the time and observed this day at such a nice church. Maybe, I will be able to do it again next year.


4 responses to “Ash Wednesday 2011

  1. First experiences church-wise are always interesting, eh? My first time at the United Church of Canada bored me to death, but then that United Church became my home church for about a year because they were just really good at LOVING and social justice stuff [something that’s really important to me, too].
    I partook in communion for the first time at a non-denominational church, and have experienced communion various different ways in my current church.
    My current church is really upbeat and full of primarily younger people. Rock band for worship, every few weeks at our young adult worship thing we have people painting as a form of worship throughout the service, stuff like that. It’s also really into serving others and social justice stuff, too. Funnily, I am now a non-Mennonite going to a Mennonite church [I do personally think that denominations are silly, and do not understand why they have to fight and stuff — why divide the body of Christ? Don’t get it.]

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m glad you had a good experience at the ash Wednesday service you went to. I’m pretty used to the liturgical flow and rather like it. I grew up Roman Catholic so liturgical service just feels like ‘home’ to me. I’ve wandered to the Episcopal church and rather like the experience there. We’ll see where my after college experience leads me probably will still be a place into social justice and faith in action.

  3. A (very) long time ago I used to enjoy the music of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

  4. I clicked too fast and wanted to add that you might appreciate their prayer book and the set service.

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